Pressure Compensating Shrubbler

Pressure Compensating Shrubbler

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The Pressure Compensating Shrubbler has a gentle flow action with uniform coverage for all emitters on the same supply tubing line. Although these are pressure compensating, there is some variation due to pressure, see the chart below.


  • Non-adjustable flow rate
  • Take apart for easy cleaning
  • Colored cap for identification
  • Pressure range is 15 to 45 PSI
  • Long life UV stabilized
PSI GPH Diameter
15 6.6 7 inches
20 7.5 8 inches
30 8.1 12 inches
40 9.3 14 inches

Customer Reviews

PC Shrubber
By James on 7/18/2017
Another excellent product
Pressure compensating schrubbers
By Laraine Willkie on 3/14/2014
We have a well and these are perfect in my DripWorks system, works consistently no matter how the water pressure fluctuates.

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