Pressure Compensating Shrubbler

Pressure Compensating Shrubbler


The Pressure Compensating Shrubbler has a gentle flow action with uniform coverage for all emitters on the same supply tubing line. Although these are pressure compensating, there is some variation due to pressure, see the chart below.


  • Non-adjustable flow rate
  • Take apart for easy cleaning
  • Colored cap for identification
  • Pressure range is 15 to 45 PSI
  • Long life UV stabilized
PSI GPH Diameter
15 6.6 7 inches
20 7.5 8 inches
30 8.1 12 inches
40 9.3 14 inches

Customer Reviews

Excellent product and service
Product with superior fast shipping will order again
Timely assuredvdelivery
Dripworks delivered what I ordered on time. The product was of the highest quality.
Great Product
I use these in all my potted plants, great invention!
I found this item to work perfectly in my garden. It can be positioned perfectly where neede and does not waiste any water. I recommend to instal a timer to supply proper amount of water to a plant
Great, prompt service
Works great!
We bought theses to irrigate a large tree and shrub planting. I like the round spray pattern and high flow rate - distributes water over a larger area than a regular bubbler. Everything gets plenty of water!
The Shrubbler for Smaller Plants
Although these are non-adjustable shrubblers, you can vary the diameter of the pattern a few inches by raising or lowering the depth of the stake. Lowering the stake results in a smaller diameter pattern, raising the stake results in a slightly larger pattern.
Use them sparingly......don't have that many shrubs needing them. I use them mainly for my vines around the pond.......
Pressure compensating Shrubber
I love the pressure compensating shrubbers. They work exactly as I had hoped.
I've been buying from you for over 10 years and it's interesting to see how things evolve.
Great product!
Work Great!
These drip emitters work perfectly for me and put a good amount of water out in a relatively short period of time. I wish they could be purchased in packs of 25.
PC Shrubblers
I use pressure compensating shrubblers exclusively in the drip systems I install. I like the versatility of having each water outlet adjustable, and if having the water pressure the same on each outlet.
Vegetable gardener
So far they work good for me and my new tomato patch I like they they are built and function
PC Shrubber
Another excellent product
Pressure compensating schrubbers
We have a well and these are perfect in my DripWorks system, works consistently no matter how the water pressure fluctuates.

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