Small Area Sprinklers for Your Yard

Small Area Sprinklers for Your Yard

Jun 18th 2024

Having reliable sprinklers that effectively water all the small areas and nooks in the landscape is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn and garden. Hot summers can take their toll on grass and plants if they are not watered efficiently. So, every gardener and landscaper who wants their lawn to look healthy and lush green in hot temperatures should find the best small-area sprinklers for their yard.

Micro sprinklers precisely deliver water where needed, compared to traditional sprinklers that spray water across a large area. Their small size and customizable spray patterns make them ideal for irrigating plants with different watering needs in one zone.

Best Micro Sprinklers for Your Yard

These sprinklers provide precise and targeted watering to lawns and gardens. By applying a light spray of water directly to the plant's base, they can help you maximize water efficiency.

Micro-Jet Sprayer (90°)

The Micro-Jet Spray is an adjustable sprinkler with an easy-to-adjust valve on the side. It sprays in a 90° fan-like pattern. The micro-jet sprayer is perfect for watering small nooks, garden beds, borders, and ground covers. It is also available in 360° and 180° spray patterns. The micro-jet sprayer (180°) emits 18 streams of water in a circular pattern.


Spray Coverage: 7 to 8 feet at 30 PSI

Maximum Flow: 22 GPH at 30 PSI

Netafim PC Spray Stake

Netafim pressure compensating spray stakes are designed to water potted and container plants. This garden spray stake is designed for containers to produce uniform and precise wetting patterns for containers from 3-30 gallons in size. The PC stake provides uniform water and nutrient distribution to your plants. The PC Spray Stake assemblies are made of durable UV-protected materials. It offers single or double-sided spray patterns. The downward-angled spray of the stake keeps the spray on the soil in the pot. The double-sided spray pattern is ideal for placing closer to the trunk tree than the container's side.


Pressure Range: 22-55 PSI

Spray Pattern: single or double

Ein Dor Mini-Sprinklers

These sprinklers feature a full circular spray pattern and a wind-resistant low trajectory. Ein-Dor sprinklers are ideal for garden beds, landscapes, and small groups of containers. When you connect the Ein-Don sprinklers to your mainline, use the press-fit support stake assemblies. Using the press-fit barb and anti-drip device, you can even turn this micro sprinkler for overhead use. The sprinkler has two parts connected by a small plastic rod. Under pressure, the top part of the sprinkler lifts and oscillates, producing a flat spray pattern and evenly distributing droplets. This lift helps prevent plugging and keep insects out, while the low spray angle and large droplets reduce wind drift.


Spray Radius: 5 to 13 feet

Flow Range: 5 to 32 GPH at 30 PSI


The adjustable bubbler has a rotating cap, allowing you to control water flow and coverage. This bubbler creates a uniform umbrella spray pattern that gently applies water to the plant's root zone. Use this bubbler to deliver a large amount of water to a small area. It is ideal for watering shrubs, roses, the base of small trees, groundcovers, and planters.


Flow Range: 0-35 GPH

Coverage: up to 3.3 feet at 30 PSI

Wing Sprinklers

Wing sprinklers are water-saving and perfect for xeriscape landscaping or any garden with low water usage. They have a complete circular spray pattern, evenly distributing water to large areas. These sprinklers have a press-fit base and can be used with press-fit barb fitting or pressure-fit support assembly. If you want to water large yard areas but are low on budget, wing sprinklers are an excellent low-cost option compared to other sprinklers.


Flow Range: 5 to 34 GPH

Spray Radius: 4 to 11 feet at 30 PSI

How to Choose the Right Sprinklers for Your Yard

A sprinkler irrigation system is a valuable addition to your yard. It is more timesaving and environmentally friendly than watering with a hose and offers full automation. Choosing the best sprinklers for your lawn or garden depends on your landscape and individual needs. You should consider these factors when selecting the right sprinklers for your yard.

Size of Yard

Sprinklers have different coverage areas; you will need multiple sprinklers to cover the full area. Therefore, know the estimated square footage of your lawn to determine what size and spray pattern sprinkler you will need. You will need different sprinklers for large areas and different ones for small areas.

Type of Soil

Determine the type of soil your yard has. Is it sandy or clay? Sandy soil absorbs water more quickly but tends to dry out quickly, so it needs more water. Clay soil retains water longer but absorbs water slower, so it will need sprinklers that deliver water slowly.


Consider your budget, as it will limit sprinkler options, especially if you're looking for a low-cost option. Above-ground sprinklers are cheaper than installing an underground system.

Water Pressure

Determine the water pressure in your home. Micro sprinklers can use minimum water pressure to throw water at small areas. However, more extensive lawns require sprinklers to handle higher pressure to maintain adequate coverage.

Tips for Watering Your Yard with a Sprinkler System

Here are some expert lawn watering tips to irrigate your yard efficiently with a sprinkler system.

  • Regularly check leaks in sprinklers or hoses.
  • Inspect your sprinklers to ensure they are rotating correctly.
  • Remove grass and debris from around buried sprinkler heads so they can pop up and go down smoothly.
  • Water your lawn in the early morning to prevent evaporation during the hotter part of the day and to give grass enough time to dry before night.
  • Regularly look for puddles or any signs of poor drainage to prevent diseases.
  • Check your driveway for wet patches and adjust sprinklers accordingly.
  • Use your sprinkler system's irrigation controller or timer to preprogram watering time. Water deeply and less frequently to promote root growth. Give your lawn at least 1 inch of water per week.
  • Your lawn's watering needs change with the season and weather. So, for optimal results, make sure to set up your sprinkler system according to the summer.

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The Bottom Line

Set up small-area sprinklers in your yard to keep your lawn lush and garden thriving. Lawn sprinklers are simple yard helpers. They are an innovative and efficient way to distribute high volumes of water. Finding the right sprinklers and setting them up properly is one of the crucial steps toward maintaining a healthy lawn and garden.

Need help finding the right sprinklers? Visit our website to explore the vast collection of lawn and garden sprinklers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our irrigation experts. We can design a sprinkler system for your yard. Learn more about our design services here.