Micro-Jet Sprayer (360°)

Micro-Jet Sprayer (360°)

  • 5 Pack $4.95 MAJ360-5
  • 50 Pack $39.95 MAJ360-50

This adjustable sprayer emits 18 streams of water in a full circle (360°) pattern and has an easy-to-adjust valve on the side. It is great for watering garden beds, ground covers, borders and landscape plantings.


  • Spray radius: approximately 7 to 8 feet at 30 PSI
  • Maximum flow: approximately 22 gallons per hour (GPH) at 30 PSI
  • 10/32 threaded base: can be inserted into 1/4" tubing, Rigid Risers, EZ Stakes, Pop-Up Risers, or directly into mainline tubing

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Works beautifully
Great product.
Micro jets
They work just Dandy

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