Micro-Jet Sprayer (180°)

Micro-Jet Sprayer (180°)

  • 5 Pack $4.95 MAJ180-5
  • 50 Pack $39.95 MAJ180-50

This adjustable sprayer has a 180°, fan-like spray pattern and an easy-to-adjust valve on the side. It is great for watering garden beds, ground covers, borders and landscape plantings.


  • Spray radius: approximately 7 to 8 feet at 30 PSI
  • Maximum flow: approximately 22 gallons per hour (GPH) at 30 PSI
  • 10/32 threaded base: can be inserted into 1/4" tubing, Rigid Risers, EZ Stakes, Pop-Up Risers, or directly into mainline tubing

Customer Reviews

This is a great company. When you have questions they answer
have not used this yet
no opinion.
Good above a certain radius, but not very good for small raised planter applications.
Very nice
Spray exactly as expected. I’m new to the gardening world and just experimenting with different irrigation methods. These sprayers are better for my groups of flowers where I don’t want to use a bunch of drippers.
Spray Perfection
These emitters truly spray with force and cover lots of area
Great service
They have never failed. Whatever I order it arrives in a couple days. Quality is A #1
work/function very well for their purpose--well fabricated.
180 degree spray
Love them they work great for my spinach patch

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