Use this emitter for delivering large quantities of water to a small area (i.e. filling a basin or moat around a plant). The flow varies from 0-35 GPH with a twist of the cap.

DABS on 5" stake come with break-off transfer barb.

Customer Reviews

Adjust a Bubbler
Works great!
did not meet expectations
I was expecting a larger bubbler (per pic on website) with larger gal per minute.
Great improvement -- and not just the stake.
The built-in stake is great! I'm gonna be buying more of these. Inlet on the side is well thought out. Comes with a barbed connector that, interestingly, has different barbs on each end: angled for insertion into the main line, and cylindrical for the 1/8" tubing. There's an indicator on the barbed end so you can align it with the direction of flow in the main line. Don't know if that really makes a difference, but it's another well-thought out feature.

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