Replacement MixRite Connecting Bar & Piston Kit with O-Ring

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The piston and connecting bar is a replacement part for MixRite Injectors. This is a complete replacement for these discontinued products IMR2PISTON, IMR4PSITON, IMR10PISTON and IMR24ROD.

We carry MixRite replacement parts that wear out with normal use. Replacement piston and connecting bar are available for 2%, 4% and 10%. Select the replacement part that correspond to the MixRite model you have.

Periodically seals on MixRite injectors will need to be replaced as part of normal maintenance. When the MixRite injector pump starts to "stutter", or doesn't operate at low flow rates (where it did operate before), it is time to replace the piston seals. When the MixRite pump stops sucking supplements, or starts doing so irregularly, it is time to change the suction seal.

A replacement and intake strainer for 2% and 4% models are also available.

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