Horizontal Spray Stick

Horizontal Spray Stick


The 1/8" Spray Stick provides a 160° horizontal spray with uniform distribution of the water. They are designed for commercial use and are common for container growing or balled rootstock. Spray Sticks work great for indoor or outdoor gardens.

To install: Punch a hole in the mainline tubing where you would like to attach the Spray Stick. Cut a length of 1/8" tubing to reach from the mainline to the Spray Stick (keeps lengths less than 10'). Push one end of the 1/8" tubing over the barb on the top of the Spray Stick stake and insert the bottom of the Spray Stick stake into the soil. Use a transfer barb to connect the other end of the 1/8" tubing to the hole punched in the mainline. To turn off the Spray Stick, remove the tubing from the barb on the top of the stake and slip it over the plug on the bottom of the stake.​

Customer Reviews

The best
This is one of my favorite Spitter. The water flow is constant and evenly.
Orange spot spitter
I like everything about it except the color. It is not really orange. It is more like a brown. The brown spot spitter is very dark brown almost black. These colors are confusing and hard to tell apart. I would suggest the colors be more distinct and it seems like they should be labeled clearly right on the item what they are. They work just fine but labeling is losey.and colors confusing.

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