Mini-Jet, Black (10 Pack)

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  • Jerry - Aug 17th 2020

    Works great

    These are an improvement over my previous products.

  • John - Aug 13th 2020

    Mini Sprayers

    The Mini-Jet sprayers work very well in our perennial garden beds. Simple, inexpensive and the seldom have problems.

  • John - Aug 13th 2020

    Mini Sprayers

    The Min-Jet sprayers work great for irrigating our perennial beds in our yard. The are simple, easy to used and seldom require servicing.

  • TIMOTHY P - Jul 26th 2020

    Drip Works Customer Service

    Outstanding, have no fear, The Drip Works has you covered

  • Harold - Jun 5th 2020

    Misting nozzles

    They were easy to use and they worked well.

  • Kenneth G. - Aug 8th 2019

    Mini-Jet, 300 Degree

    We have used every type of their irrigation supplies for almost 10 years now. They hold up great in our crazy Texas weather.

  • Ben - Apr 19th 2018

    micro sprinkler

    Order was shipped quickly and the strip micros worked great. I use them for veg garden and rows of flowers. All prodicts very good for a drip system.

  • Nathan - Nov 8th 2017

    micro sprays do the job

    I would strongly recommend replacing standard irrigation nozzles with micro sprays as I recently did. My flow sensors attached to the valves running the mini jets are showing considerably less water use and the sprays are more directed into the actual (container) plants itself. One 15SST Rainbird nozzle, for example, can easily be replaced with several of these low flow micro nozzles and you can reposition them in several places for more effective watering.


Mini-jets have a 10-32 threaded base and can be installed on a stake or directly into the end of 1/4" tubing. They produce a flat spray, are available in quarter, half, full, and strip patterns, and work well at low pressures down to 5 PSI. At pressures above 30 PSI the spray becomes more mist-like. These black Mini-Jets have the lowest water flow in the Mini-Jet family.

These very popular and economical sprayers work well at pressures as low as 5 PSI. They have a flat spray angle to minimize water on foliage and various spray patterns and flows to provide versatility. At pressures above 30 PSI the spray turns into more of a mist. All Mini jets have a 10-32 threaded base and fit into 1/4" tubing, EZ Stakes, Rigid Risers or Pop up risers. Use hex end of yellow handle punch for easy installation.

Color PSI Quarter




Black 15 PSI MSBL90
4.8gph / 4'
4.8gph / 3'
4.8gph / 4'
4.8gph / 4'
30 PSI 6.8gph / 6' 6.8gph / 4.5' 6.8gph / 5' 6gph / 4.5'

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