C-Frame Downspray

C-Frame Downspray


The C-Frame Downspray sprayer is a 360° spray jet with a 45°downward trajectory. It is available in 2 flow rates. This part is the head only.

Black: 4.8 GPH @ 10 PSI - 7.2 GPH @ 20 PSI
Blue: 7.0 GPH @ 10 PSI - 10.5 GPH @ 20 PSI


  • Perfect for container plants
  • Covers complete circle
  • Quick thread base
  • Designed to use at the end of 1/4" micro tubing or on a rigid riser
  • Use with SEZ13, SEZ17, SV, STEL-5 or STEL-50

Customer Reviews

These sprayers are very effective limiting the water to the area right around the plant. I plan to order more.
Downsprayers provide excellant controlled coverage.
I like these down sprayers as they provide good limited range coverage for watering in pots and confined areas without wasted over spray. They also spread the water around evenly instead in confined streams.
Great sprayer
These are nice little sprayers. The blue one has a more even pattern. The black ones spray out in little streams and the blue ones give more even coverage.
Those are great sprayers - they get the plants rather than the ground around the perimeter of the plant.
Love these things
These nozzles lay down a perfect 20" diameter down ward cone and if placed right, they water my garden better than any other low pressure sprinkler I have tried. Plus, you don't have to mess with them like the "adjustable" sprinklers, which I have found change every time the system comes on. These nozzles also keep the water in the raised beds a lot better, the "adjustable" ones would over shot the beds wasting water which is not a good idea out here in the desert. We'll see how the garden grows this year........
C-frame downspray (blue)
C-frame sprayers work great and dripworks has excellent customer service. Thanks
The perfect Misting System
The perfect misting, watering system for a greenhouse in the hot, dry Arizona desert.
Excellent misting system
The perfect misting system for a greenhouse in the hot dry deserts of Arizona.
Perfect sprayer
This sprayer with the low volume, downward angled spray fully saturates potted plants better than drip lines. I use this on all my pots, and have really enjoyed their performance. I even have 11 hooked up to a 1000 gallon smart pot, and it works great.
Slick operators
Look to be a fine replacement for fan sprayers from another company. The rats haven't figured out or started chewing on them yet .... :- )

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