High End Battery (DC)

These are commercial-grade battery operated DC timers. All of these commercial-grade timers operate full-flow, inline DC valves which are sold separately (unless noted otherwise).

All timers on this page have a two-year warranty through DripWorks, manufacturer may offer longer.

Multiple zones can be watered from one timer with our automatic distribution valves.

Warranty Notes:

  • Unused timers cannot be returned after 90 days. They cannot be resold as new because of the manufacturer imprinted warranty date.
  • Do not use pipe dope around any automated valves (AC or DC). This can damage the valves and will void any warranty.
  • Always use a filter before automated valves (AC or DC). Debris found in a valve will void any warranty.
  • Winterize, or bring timers indoors, and remove the batteries during the freezing months.