Hunter XC Hybrid Timer

Hunter XC Hybrid Timer

  • 6 Station Hunter XC Hybrid Timer $239.95 THXHY6

The Hunter XC Hybrid will operate on 6 AA batteries and provide great water management control. This timer uses 2-wire DC valves (sold separately). With the global seasonal adjustment (0-150%) you can alter the amount of watering to accommodate changing weather conditions. The non-volatile memory insures against unreliable power and will retain current time, day and program information even without power.


  • Rain sensor capable
  • Global seasonal adjustment (0 - 150%)
  • Weather resistant enclosure


  • Start Times: Up to 4 per program per day
  • Duration: 1 minute to 4 hours
  • Programming: Weekly, Odd/Even Days
  • Stations: 6 stations
  • Valves: 9 volt, 2 wire DC valves
  • Batteries: Six AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: Hunter XCH-600

Installation Notes:

  • The valve can be placed up to 550 feet away from the timer using 18 gauge direct burial wire .
  • Valves can be placed up to 1380 feet away using 14 gauge wire.

Customer Reviews

Hunter 6 Sta Hybrid Timer
I have more than one of these timers, and have had good service from them. One of my concerns has been corrosion of battery holder terminals and consequent loss of power. I am totally off grid so do rely on the battery operation. Hunter has been responsive to my inquiry re this problem. I recently had a timer software failure issue resulting purchase of a replacement.

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