EZ FLO Fertilizer Injector: Select the Right Fertilizer Injector for Your Garden

EZ FLO Fertilizer Injector: Select the Right Fertilizer Injector for Your Garden

Dec 6th 2023

EZ-FLO hose bib injector is the fastest and most convenient way to have a beautiful and healthy garden. EZ-FLO fertilizer injectors can be used with dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizers, and water-soluble products to feed through a hose or drip system after the valve. Hose Bib units are simple to use and quick to set up. Any homeowner, grower, or landscaper can use them by simply connecting them to a water faucet and adding fertilizer. The High-Pressure Units can be attached to the main water line before or after the valve with an installation coupler. These Units are a great option if you are trying to feed various zones with one fertilizer injector.

Gardeners have loved this drip irrigation fertilizer tank for its ability to provide nutrients to plants without regularly filling the tank. They are large enough that they don't need constant refilling. With hose bib units, you can fertigate like a pro from your garden hose or drip system. Also, they're simple to attach and detach from the faucet and small enough to move around when you must fertigate other areas. An EZ-FLO Faucet Switching Kit will make it easy to connect your EZ-FLO fertilizer to another faucet.

Let's discover in detail how to use a fertilizer injector unit with a drip irrigation system, the most recommended models of EZ FLO Injectors, and many more.

How to Use EZ Flo Fertilizer Injector with Drip Irrigation System

First, choose water-soluble or liquid fertilizers. Hose-threaded units have a hose bib adapter that connects directly to a water faucet. Securely attach the EZ FLO fertilizer injector to the hose bib. In contrast to traditional fertilization techniques, you can automatically fertilize plants using a drip irrigation system, saving you a lot of time.

Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package and mix the correct ratio with water. Fill the tank with mixed fertilizer. Products that are fully concentrated don't require mixing.

Next, adjust the feed rate according to plants' needs and fertilizer application rates. Afterward, connect the drip system tubing to the outlet of the EZ FLO injector and start the water supply at the hose bib. The water flow will activate the injector, move the fertilizer into the irrigation system, and distribute it through drip tubing to plants. Moreover, all fertigation systems that use fertilizer injectors must have a backflow preventer to stop fertilizer from coming back into your home water supply.

Fertigation using EZ-FLO means combining fertilizers with water. It offers your plants a healthy, well-balanced nutrition boost that will be injected directly into the soil. All the nutrients are evenly dispersed in water, and you get green, healthy plants.

Here is the complete Installation and Operating Manual for Installing the EZ FLO system!

Different Models of EZ FLO Fertilizer Injectors

Here are the economical and flexible models of EZ FLO Fertilizer Injectors that are commonly used to fertilize gardens, landscapes, and farms.

EZ-FLO Hose thread Units

The EZ-FLO Hose thread Units from DripWorks provide an excellent way to fertilize small home gardens, medium-sized gardens, and small market gardens and are made to work with higher pressures. These units are easy to install and easy to use. They come with all the necessary components you need for installation.

DripWorks carries Two-Gallon EZ-FLO Hose Thread Unit Fertilizer Injector, 3/4-Gallon EZ-FLO Hose Thread Unit Fertilizer Injector, and One-Gallon EZ-FLO High-Pressure Hose Thread Unit Fertilizer Injector.

EZ-Kit System with HC Refill and Connection Units

The EZKIT system is a simple, economical, and reliable way to fertilize gardens of any size: small, medium, and large. This kit is ideal for commercial-sized gardens and fields.

The EZKIT system offers double the water-soluble product capacity compared to standard capacity fertilizer injection systems. As a result, it will require less frequent refills, and you can fertigate a large area from a compact tank. Additionally, it has an integrated drain valve and separate fill port, which makes refilling quicker and cleaner.


  • Flow Range 2.5 - GPH 300 GPM
  • Operating Pressure Range 5 PSI -80 PSI
  • Coverage 1000 - 50,000 SQFT
  • Includes Drain Valve

The system is available in three sizes, and each has different capacity, coverage, and unit dimensions.

EZ-FLO High-Pressure Units

These EZ-FLO high-pressure fertilizer injector units are ideal for both commercial and residential growing applications because they are designed to withstand constant high pressure. At DripWorks, these units are available in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 8.5 gallons.

Each unit comes with everything you need and includes a pressure relief valve for safe operation. However, the installation coupler is sold separately. You can select the coupler size and type based on your mainline and fertilizer application.

EZ-Flow High-Pressure Units Specs

  • Dilution rates of 15,000: 1 to 400:1
  • Pressure Range: 5 to 80 psi
  • If pressure is above 50 psi, use tubing clamps to securely attach the tubing to the installation coupler.
  • Suitable to use under constant pressure; can be installed before automated timers or
  • Minimum flow: 10 GPH

What Types of Fertilizer Can be Used with a System?

Any fertilizer that is liquid and water soluble (containing less than 0.5% insoluble impurities) can be used in the drip irrigation system. Water soluble products don't require to be dissolved to work in the system. The fertigation process dissolves and mixes it. Additionally, if your fertilizer is transparent, you should add dye or food coloring to make it visible in the clear output tube.

Select a water-soluble compound fertilizer that contains high nutrient content, good solubility, rapid effect, and nutrient diversity, such as Grow More 30-10-10, available on DripWorks. 30-10-10 is a high nitrogen formula, fully water-soluble, and can be used in any drip system through a fertilizer injector.

The Bottom Line

Forget using old watering cans and backpack sprays and join thousands of gardeners and landscapers using EZ-FLO fertilizer injectors to boost the health and appearance of their gardens, lawns, and vegetable plots.

At DripWorks, we carry all these models of EZ-FLO fertilizer injectors, and each package includes an instructions manual. We also carry a comprehensive selection of EZ-FLO Replacement Parts and Accessories.

If you have any queries or confusion while buying EZ-FLO Fertilizer Injectors, our irrigation experts are always happy to help you. Give us a call or email on weekdays for quick responses and helpful suggestions.