EZ-FLO High-Pressure Units

EZ-FLO High-Pressure Units

  • 4.25 Gallon $659.95 IEZPR5FX
  • 9.4 Gallon $895.95 IEZPR10FX
  • 1.5 Gallon $289.95 IEZPR112C
  • 2.5 Gallon $379.95 IEZPR3C

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Ideal for residential as well as commercial growing applications, the EZ-FLO High-Pressure Fertilizer Injector Units from DripWorks are reinforced to withstand constant (static) pressure. They are also suitable for installation before automated timers and valves. Used in an EZ-FLO mainline dispensing system, a high-pressure EZ-FLO inline garden feeder can fertigate multiple zones when placed before a manifold.

We carry these units in sizes ranging from 2.5 gallons to 9.4 gallons. All units come with everything you need except for the installation coupler, which is sold separately.

Choose the size and type of installation coupler for your application and mainline. Call us toll-free or email us if you have questions. Each unit includes a pressure-relief valve for safe operation.


  • Dilution rates of 15,000:1 to 400:1
  • Pressure range: five to 80 psi
  • If using over 50 psi, use tubing clamps to secure the tubing on the installation coupler
  • Rated for use under constant pressure; can be installed before automated timers or valves
  • Minimum flow: 10 gallons per hour (GPH)

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