EZ-FLO Hose Thread Unit (3/4 Gallon)

EZ-FLO Hose Thread Unit (3/4 Gallon)


This 3/4 gallon EZ-Flo injector is the solution to fertilizing small home gardens. EZ-Flo injectors are reliable, easy to use and includes all components needed to install onto a standard hose bib. Replacement switching kits (IEZHTRS) are also available.


  • Perfect size for small gardens
  • 3/4 Gallon tank for hose bib connection
  • Dilution rates of 100:1 to 1000:1


  • Pressure Range: 5 - 50 PSI
  • Not for use under constant pressure, place after timers or valves
  • Minimum Flow: 120 gallons per hour (GPH)
  • Will work down to 8 gallons per hour (GPH) using the included flow restrictor disc

Important Note:
All systems with a fertilizer injector must have some sort of back flow preventer to prevent fertilizer from getting back into your domestic water supply. Contact a local building inspector or contractor to determine which back flow preventers are required in your area.

Customer Reviews

Good but Deceiving
By Tracie Johnston on 7/3/2018
The product worked fine the only disappointment was the way it was displayed online. It showed it without the little hoses which would have been a lot easier
Good product
By darin on 6/19/2018
Very easy to use, and works very well

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