Essential Drip Irrigation Products

Essential Drip Irrigation Products

How can you make a customer feel confident about buying a product? Dripworks decided that the best way was to build a demonstration garden where customers can get firsthand experience with the different emitters, driplines, and sprayers used throughout the garden. The Dripworks demonstration garden uses the most reliable, durable, and high-quality products to help everything thrive.

Most of the plants are growing in wood framed raised beds while some of the tomato and squash plants are in fabric containers known as Smart Pots. Trees and shrubs make part of the back garden and accentuate a decorative pond.  The raised beds use Frame It All Stacking Joints at the corners and hardware mesh on the bottom to keep gophers and other rodents out. These customizable corner joints are flexible so you can make any shape bed: square, rectangular, octagonal, or multi-level.

Dripworks uses Smart Pots (fabric containers) for their ability to create ideal growing conditions for the giant tomato and squash plants that they have planted this year. These fabric containers are perfect for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and medicinal herbs. When the roots reach the side of these containers they stop and send many side feeder roots rather than circling the pot. This branching network of small roots enable the plant to absorb more nutrients.

Smart Pot Smart Pot

Because of its fairly large size, the garden’s irrigation system is split into two separate drip systems. Dripworks uses a Galcon High Flow LCD (Bluetooth) Timer installed on each faucet to turn the water on and off, they can be operated from an APP on your phone or manually.

A few of the beds are set up using ½" Pressure Compensating Emitter Tubing. A very versatile product for larger plantings it gives off water evenly in hilly terrain and is perfect for long rows and orchards, greatly reducing installation time. It’s perfect for landscaping, and long planted fence lines.

½" Pressure Compensating Emitter Tubing ½" Pressure Compensating Emitter Tubing

Flexible, and easy to use, ¼" Soaker Dripline is ideal for small to medium garden beds or containers, and around small shrubs and trees. This type of dripline is also great for gravity fed low pressure systems (down to 2 psi).

¼" Soaker Dripline ¼" Soaker Dripline

A useful product is the Micro-Flow Valve. Most people use a transfer barb to connect  ¼" tubing or ¼" Soaker Dripline to the mainline. If you use a Micro Flo Valve, you’ll be able to shut the water off when the season ends for that raised bed row or when a single plant in a container is harvested. Dripworks has set up these small manual valves throughout their garden beds and on individual lines for single plants.

Aqua-Traxx Drip Tape is favored by farmers and gardeners alike as it is effective and economical for watering long straight rows from 20' to 550'. Its patented design provides uniform distribution over long distances and reduces clogging. It is great for low pressure systems down to 4 PSI, and can be set up with a pressure regulator if you have higher incoming pressure.

Aqua-Traxx Drip Tape Aqua-Traxx Drip Tape

The Netafim Woodpecker PC emitter is the product of choice in the rugged vineyards of Northern California. This pressure compensating and self-flushing emitter contains a rubber diaphragm that is the largest available and least likely to clog. The internal diaphragm closes with higher water pressure and opens or relaxes when the pressure is low, evening out the amount of water that each emitter delivers. DripWorks uses these emitters to feed single plants.

The Mini Jet Sprayers are possibly the only spray head you will ever need! They work well at pressures as low as 5 PSI, have a flat spray angle to minimize water on the foliage, and fit inside of ¼” tubing so they can be mounted on a stake. These are great for watering low growing ground cover, small green strips, or inside large planters.

Mini Jet Sprayer Mini Jet Sprayer

The Down Spray Sprinklers are a full circle sprayer with a 45-degree downward trajectory that can give a 20" diameter full circle pattern without soil disturbance. Dripworks uses the Down Spray Sprinklers in their container set ups.

 Down Spray Sprinklers Down Spray Sprinklers

An Octa Bubbler which is an 8-outlet pressure compensating device providing the same flow everywhere regardless of change in terrain or length of run. It is used as a manifold distribution point to feed multiple areas off one Octa Bubbler. Use the Octa Bubbler in conjunction with other emitters and driplines to provide even watering throughout.

Octa Bubbler Octa Bubbler

Dripworks garden is open to the public. If you are ever in Willits CA make sure to stop by and say hi. Dripworks friendly and knowledgeable staff will give you a tour of the garden.

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