Jain Octa-Bubblers

Jain Octa-Bubblers

  • 2 GPH, Blue $11.95 ROCTABUB2
  • 6 GPH, Black $11.95 ROCTABUB6
  • 10 GPH, Red $11.95 ROCTABUB10
  • 20 GPH, Green $11.95 ROCTABUB20

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A hose bubbler provides a smart way to water spots that conventional sprinkler systems miss because of trees, shrubs and other obstructions. Formerly sold under the brand name Pepco, Octa-Bubbler products have been rebranded under the name of Jain.

Whatever you call it, the Jain Octa-Bubbler from DripWorks is great for sprinkler conversions, indoor gardens and greenhouses where you want a single control point for multiple containers. This eight-outlet, pressure-compensating drip irrigation bubbler is self-cleaning, saving you time and hassles. You can mix and match replacement flow controls (sold separately in eight-packs) for individual outlets so you can run multiple flow rates from a single unit.

  • UV/Chemical resistant body
  • Built-in backflow prevention
  • Designed to function above or below grade
  • 1/2" female pipe thread inlet
  • 21-56 PSI range
  • 8-1/4" outlets

Customer Reviews

Jain Octa-Bubblers
Solid product, just simply remove the pressure compensated rubbers in the heads if you’re using pressure compensated emitters
Arrived quickly.Works fine

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