Woodpecker Emitters

Woodpecker Emitters


If you're looking for emitters for your drip irrigation system that are sturdy and reliable and resist clogging, consider the Woodpecker Drip Irrigation Emitters from DripWorks. Emitters play a small but crucial role in properly watering plants. Many folks consider the Netafim Woodpecker line of emitters the best on the market.

These Woodpecker drippers are heavy-duty, pressure-compensating emitters. Many grape growers favor them in the rugged vineyards of Northern California.

We carry a variety of versions, including 1/2 GPH, one GPH, two GPH and six GPH. Various product reviews online attest to the high quality of these products.

  • 1/4" inlet and outlet
  • May be used at the end of 1/4" tubing
  • Pressure range of 15 to 50 PSI
  • The EPDM rubber diaphragm is the largest available and the least likely to plug

Customer Reviews

Proven relisble
Have been using these for more than 10 years without other than incidental plugging, less that 5% of our total. Company is very responsive. Happy to endorse
Great quality
These are my go-to emitters for all my vineyard installations. They are large format, so they don’t clog up like smaller ones. Been using them for ten years now.
These are solid, no problems whatsoever
Vineyard Owner
Extremely reliable and easy to install.
My mower hits them occasionally and is responsible for breaking the few I have had to replace.
No Worry Deck Plants
I use these drippers every year to automatically water our deck plants. Works great. No worry when we're away for a few days.
Woodpecker 2GPH Emitters
Always fast delivery. Thank you.
Woodpecker Emitters
Easily delivers just the right amount of water, exactly where you want it. Simplicity at it's finest.
Great Drippers
We have a well with a high amount of calcium in the water. These drippers can handle it!
Woodpeckers are the only emitters I use
Woodpeckers are the only emitters I use now. They are very flexible: you can plug them directly into mainline, at the end of distribution line, or plug them into mainline with distribution line coming out of the output "nose" of the Woodpecker. Sometimes I even poke out the membrane inside a few and use them as easier-to-change-out couplers for frequently changed locations.
7+ years of great use
I first purchased them 7 years ago and have reordered several times since as my garden expanded and again when I moved. I love them. They work perfect every time
Excellent emitters
I have tried many different brands here in Phoenix. Many die from the hard water plugging and sun warping the removable caps (toro) These Woodpeckers have been going strong for 4 years now with no failures yet. By far the best emitters i have used. Will stop experimenting and only use these from now on. And by the way, Dripworks is simply the best company to by all your drip irrigation needs.
Woodpecker Emitters 2 gal/hour
These emitters are first quality from the manufacturing process to their performance on the field. Definitively Dripworks will be now my only source for irrigation supplies.
Great emitters!
Worked fine upon installation; I've purchased 1 GPM emitters for larger plants because I liked these 0.5 GPM Woodpecker emitters.
Fantastic Emitter
Woodpecker full size emitters have proven to last longer than every other brand I have tried, well worth the price and DripWorks is the best place to buy them!
The Only Place Where I can Get the Drip Products I Want
Not only does DripWorks have a great inventory of products, they can get it to me quickly.
Just what we needed.
We are in a drought in our part of Illinois again this year. Woodpecker Emitters really have made the difference in getting water to our plants!
My go to
This store has been a great help as we convert the farm to drip. Everything in one place and lots of online support. Three vineyards and an organic garden for the local farmers market.
Would not use any others a very good product at a good price
Woodpecker 1 gph emitter
I use these emitters on projects with ditch water. With two levels of filtration, they have been very reliable. In the past, they had a check valve, but the newest batch did not (this is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5) Most of my projects are very hilly, so the check valves help to reduce low head drainage.
Woodpecker emitters
The woodpecker emitters work great. I have had no problems with them
2 GPH emitters
They work and appear to deliver water consistently. Not much more to it!
best dripper
I use these and the orange version, excellent. Consistent flow and well-built. They don't clog easily, even in my hard well water. Made in Israel by those who developed modern drip systems.
Woodpecker Emitters
Very sturdy product
Woodpecker Emitters
The Woodpecker Emitters are my choice for reliable drip irrigation and they are reasonably priced.
great product
Have hard, sandy water, and a wide variety of stuff to water. These are a reliable emitters that stay put and provide consistent amount of water where needed.
I've used them for years and never a problem.
Great Emitters
These Woodpecker emitters are top notch. I have tried many other manufacturers of this product... none come close in comparison. These give a consistent, no-clog drip. Bottom line... when you cannot afford to lose a valuable crop, use what the pros use. Woodpecker!
Finally a good dripper!
I have spent years going through various brands of drippers. Some brands started off good, then quickly died, while others were so inconsistent that out of the same bag the amount of water varied greatly from dripper to dripper. DripWorks catalog said this one is hard to clog, so I ordered 100 of the orange 6gph WPC. Thus far, I have installed 50 drippers on my trees and could not be happier. This dripper is truly the one to buy, high quality, sturdy construction, and even watering. You will notice when you pull them out of the bag that this is the Cadillac of drippers! Netafim is the pioneer in drip systems having started in the dry Middle Eastern deserts, and they are still considered the world leader in drip irrigation.
Woodpeckers work in dry tropical forest
Yes. I would like a discount, but also I need to know that I can get reliable components for my farm investment. I have an orchard in Nicaragua. I can't be returning to the store in the states for new parts, and I have not seen many components in Nicaragua meet the quality of DripWorks. These emitters have been working for nearly 3+ years. I have installed at least a 1000. We installed a 150 filter and have only seen a few that clogged up. We suspect that it is calcium deposits, so the clogged ones hang in a bucket till I get out the vinegar water.I have no plans of replacing these with any parts from Home Depot or Lowes just yet. However, I would love to see a performance chart by some magazine.
Great Product
I ordered and use the 1 gallon per hour emitters....they are fantastic, don't clog.
Woodpecker emitters
I have used these emitters for the past 8 years. They have worked well for my long runs for watering trees.
Keeps on drippin
These emitters are extremely durable and reliable.
high quality product
These are the best emitters on the market. Don't waste your time with other brands.

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