Woodpecker Emitters

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  • Michael - Dec 12th 2020

    Proven relisble

    Have been using these for more than 10 years without other than incidental plugging, less that 5% of our total. Company is very responsive. Happy to endorse

  • George - Aug 29th 2020

    Great quality

    These are my go-to emitters for all my vineyard installations. They are large format, so they don’t clog up like smaller ones. Been using them for ten years now.

  • PAUL - Aug 13th 2020


    These are solid, no problems whatsoever

  • ROBERT - Jul 28th 2020

    Vineyard Owner

    Extremely reliable and easy to install. My mower hits them occasionally and is responsible for breaking the few I have had to replace.

  • John - Jul 21st 2020

    No Worry Deck Plants

    I use these drippers every year to automatically water our deck plants. Works great. No worry when we're away for a few days.

  • Robert - Jul 6th 2020

    Woodpecker 2GPH Emitters

    Always fast delivery. Thank you.

  • Tamara - Jun 30th 2020

    Woodpecker Emitters

    Easily delivers just the right amount of water, exactly where you want it. Simplicity at it's finest.

  • Suzanne - Jun 30th 2020

    Great Drippers

    We have a well with a high amount of calcium in the water. These drippers can handle it!

  • Linelle - Jun 15th 2020

    Woodpeckers are the only emitters I use

    Woodpeckers are the only emitters I use now. They are very flexible: you can plug them directly into mainline, at the end of distribution line, or plug them into mainline with distribution line coming out of the output "nose" of the Woodpecker. Sometimes I even poke out the membrane inside a few and use them as easier-to-change-out couplers for frequently changed locations.

  • Stephen - Jun 10th 2020

    7+ years of great use

    I first purchased them 7 years ago and have reordered several times since as my garden expanded and again when I moved. I love them. They work perfect every time


If you're looking for emitters for your drip irrigation system that are sturdy and reliable and resist clogging, consider the Woodpecker Drip Irrigation Emitters from DripWorks. Emitters play a small but crucial role in properly watering plants. Many folks consider the Netafim Woodpecker line of emitters the best on the market.

These Woodpecker drippers are heavy-duty, pressure-compensating emitters. Many grape growers favor them in the rugged vineyards of Northern California.

We carry a variety of versions, including 1/2 GPH, one GPH, two GPH and six GPH. Various product reviews online attest to the high quality of these products.

  • 1/4" inlet and outlet
  • May be used at the end of 1/4" tubing
  • Pressure range of 15 to 50 PSI
  • The EPDM rubber diaphragm is the largest available and the least likely to plug

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