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  • Adam - Jun 24th 2021

    Check each time you start the water.

    They like to fall off randomly throughout the season. I've started to fold the end as well and pin it down to reduce the likelihood of them sliding off.

  • Richard - Jun 20th 2021

    Tape End Plug

    I ordered them nearly a month ago and still haven’t received the order. So service is very slow and with no product what can I say?

  • Owen Smith - Jun 4th 2021

    End plug rating

    Work very well, but two things are necessary: A very straight cut of tee tape and they must be tightened well. I found hand tightened and then I used the scissors I cut with put in the loop and tighten more.

  • Yvonne - May 14th 2021

    Good service

    From easy and affordable

  • Lisa - May 14th 2021

    No leaks

    Like these better than fold over

  • Brett - Apr 2nd 2021

    Not recommended

    Some hold, some don't. Most leak. Even have some pop off. Think I'll switch to sleeves.

  • David - Mar 12th 2021

    Tape end plugs

    They work well for my application the loop on the end allows me to gently tighten the tape I have 30 foot rows need to keep their position on the row

  • don - Mar 5th 2021

    These don't stay on!

    I had a lot of trouble tightening them, without the act of tightening pushing the tape (the Toro Aquatraxx) off of them. I used the plier method, and still, they would blow off when turned on, and many leaked. I talked to the Toro rep and he sent me the genuine Toro end plug (they are blue), and I have not had a problem. Dripworks should stock the toro endcaps to go with the Toro tape. ,

  • Richard - Jan 17th 2021


    they work well however i think the ring at the end needs to be way thicker and flat so that you can really twist on it to tighten the cap and also would be better for staking or tying to a stake

  • Heidi - Jan 8th 2021

    Good plug

    This is a good quality plug. It can take a bit of a beating as you learn to use it, but it works well. Make sure to have the tube cut square and put it all the way on before twisting the end cap to close it.


If you are looking to add a neat, clean and professional look to your drip irrigation system, the Drip Tape End Plug from DripWorks provides a simple, quick way to seal the end of drip tape. These plugs are easy to use. Properly installed, they will provide a leak-free seal for your drip tape. They also create an anchor spot for staking down drip tapes to keep them properly in place.

To create a tight seal, be sure tape is warm and pliable before attaching the 5/8" start fittings (LSB/LSBSO) and end fittings (LSGS/LSPLUG). If leakage continues to occur, a 1/4 turn with pliers should suffice.

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