Electronic (AC)

Electronic (AC) timers are the most reliable timers that you can get for your irrigation system and generally have greater flexibility and longer life than battery timers. If you need more than one battery timer, and have electricity nearby, it may be worth going to an electronic timer and valves.

All of the timers below use 24 Volt AC Valves which are connected to the controller with direct burial wire.

Interior (indoor) timers plug into a 110V outlet.
Exterior (outdoor) timers must be 'hard wired' to an electrical circuit.

Warranty Notes:

  • Unused timers cannot be returned after 90 days. They cannot be resold as new because of the manufacturer imprinted warranty date.
  • Do not use pipe dope around any automated valves (AC or DC). This can damage the valves and will void any warranty.
  • Always use a filter before automated valves (AC or DC). Debris found in a valve will void any warranty.