Galcon 8000 Series Irrigation, Misting and Propagation Controller

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Galcon’s 8000 series consists of AC-controllers that are easy to install and operate. These user-friendly products are able to irrigate in seconds using a cycle of pre-set minutes. All 8000 controllers are connected to switch-type sensor for optimal performance. These controllers are especially suited for greenhouses and misting applications. No transformer included with the outdoor models. With Irrigation duration from 5 second to 12 hours.

Electricity-powered controller, allows independent programming of each valve. Ideal for lawns, drip and sprinkler systems and basic agriculture.


  • Start Times: Up to 4 per valve per day in weekly schedule mode; multiple start times available in misting mode. Weekly/ Cyclical programming.
  • Duration: 5 second to 12 hours.
  • Stations: Available in 4,6,9, or 12 station models.
  • Battery Backup: 9 Volts alkaline (not included).
  • Water Intervals: once a minute to once every thirty days.


  • Intensive irrigation with multiple cycles per day (S8000 model)
  • Seconds-based irrigation and in minute intervals (S8000 model)
  • Control for situations requiring a large number of activations per day (S8000 model)
  • 24V electrically powered
  • Suitable for a broad range of valves and solenoids
  • Suitable for misting in greenhouses
  • Suitable for cooling poultry coops and cow sheds
  • Connection to a Normally Closed (NC) rain sensor
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