Irritrol RD600-EXT - Compact 6 Station 24V AC Controller With 120V Transformer

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5 year limited Warranty
5 year limited Warranty


This controller is a true classic! The Rain Dial-R series controllers have been used and trusted for generations to perform day-to-day for season after season. Available controller compatible upgrades such as SMRT Logic for mobile device programmability and CLIMATE LOGIC wireless weather sensing for worry free automatic scheduling adjustment, make this controller not only convenient, but also easy to use.


  • Three independent programs
  • Battery backup with a 9V battery
  • Program stack or overlap option
  • 365-day calendar for Odd/Even date watering
  • Master Valve/Pump start circuit assignable per station
  • Rain sensor ready
  • Remote control ready
  • Test all stations program allows a quick test of all stations from lowest to highest number
  • Water budgeting allows for quick changes to the watering durations of all stations on a program at one time
  • Clear/erase memory by program saves time by only erasing the desired program
  • Climate Logic compatible
  • SMRT Logic compatible

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