The drip irrigation misters, adapters and accessories available at DripWorks are suitable for many uses. Misters are an excellent way to water plants, to add moisture to the air and to cool off animals or people in the summer. Misters, sometimes referred to as foggers, are commonly used on ferns, perennials, garden greens and for starts in garden beds.

Thanks to our big selection, you can choose from many styles and sizes here. You will find products with two irrigation mister nozzles and four misters as well as mini misters with low-flow, directional spray designed to mist one plant at a time. Easy to install and use, many of our misters are available in convenient, economical multipacks.

You'll also find mister accessories here, including adapters for superfine mister nozzles and grommets for anti-drip devices. All misters need a 200 mesh filter.

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