Individual Plant

The benefits of drip irrigation aren't limited to farmers, gardeners and those watering raised beds and multiple plants. Practically everyone who loves to help things grow can enjoy the water-saving benefits of drip irrigation.

Give Each Plant the Water it Needs

Beyond your drip system for garden use, you can use drip irrigation for potted plants. Whether you are interested in drip irrigation for outdoor potted plants or for individual plants in a greenhouse, you can give each of your plants all of the benefits of a drip garden system with our drip irrigation kits for individual plants.

You could acquire all the parts you need for individual watering and then put them together in your own system. But why would you when you can get everything you need in one convenient kit from DripWorks? Besides saving you the time and hassle of finding all the parts you need, getting everything you need in one kit will save you money.

Kit Contents

Each kit gives everything you need to safely carry water from the faucet to your landscape plantings or potted plants. The assortment of Take-Apart Emitters included in each kit allows you to water plants of any size.

You'll also get a filter and psi regulator, mainline tubing, microtubing, stakes and all the other components you need. These rugged kits are a cinch to set up. Follow the easy instructions in the box to assemble your kit. Then just add water.

For even more convenience, order an optional timer to your kit. A timer will automatically water your plant or plants whenever you want it to.

If you opt for a timer, we recommend using a high-pressure hose extension to relieve the weight of the timer assembly from the faucet. To meet your specific needs, these kits are available in three sizes: small, medium or large.