Raised Garden Bed Kit Selection Guide

Raised Garden Bed Kit Selection Guide

Oct 30th 2023

Raised garden beds have made gardening more fun and easier. With these beds, you can grow plants anywhere and enhance the look of your garden. If you have raised garden beds full of beautiful plants and you're looking for a complete drip irrigation kit to irrigate your raised beds, don't worry. You must be already aware of the benefits of a drip garden system. A garden drip irrigation system provides consistent moisture to plants for better growth and saves water by 30-40% more than other conventional watering methods.

At DripWorks, we have a great selection of raised garden bed drip irrigation kits. We have put together this useful guide to help you choose the kit that perfectly suits your gardening needs. This raised garden bed kit selection guide will help you buy the suitable kit to irrigate your raised beds and planter boxes. Let's begin!

About DripWorks Raised Garden Bed Irrigation Kits

DripWorks garden bed irrigation kits come with everything you need to get started and create a working drip irrigation system. Our garden bed kits are designed to help you get the most out of your gardening. Each kit has all the irrigation components you need to set up a system. Our raised bed kits have everything from mainline tubing and versatile 1/4 soaker dripline to filters, emitters, and fittings.

Furthermore, our raised garden bed irrigation kits are available in small, medium, and large sizes to fit any garden requirement. They can be used in small to medium-sized beds or any bed shape. Each kit is made for maximum water coverage, so they'll be able to easily handle even the most densely planted raised beds. Let's first explore how to choose the right drip irrigation kit for your raised garden bed. Then, we will show you all the features and options of our kit so you can buy the one that matches your garden's needs.

Choose the Right Raised Garden Bed Kit

Selecting the right kit for your raised garden beds is crucial to provide targeted and efficient hydration to your garden that helps your plants flourish. Take a moment to assess your garden's requirements and determine the following factors.

Size of Each Bed and Amount of Garden Beds

The first and foremost thing to consider when choosing a raised bed kit is the size of your raised garden beds. Measure the dimensions of your raised beds. Most kits are designed to fit standard bed sizes. Our irrigation kits are made to irrigate 4' x 8' raised beds. Determining the appropriate size of the bed will help you select a kit with the right amount of dripline, fittings, and tubing length. Also, note the number of beds you want to water.

Soil Type and Watering Duration

Monitor the moisture level of your soil to determine the right watering duration for garden beds. Watering duration depends on the plant's requirements, soil types, and local climate. Different soil types retain water differently. It's important to understand your garden bed's soil type to ensure proper irrigation because your garden drip irrigation system should be set up according to your soil type. The kits come with ¼" soaker dripline with 12" spacing per emitter. Each emitter will deliver approximately .6 GPH, use this to determine how long you should let your system water.

You can find out your soil type through this helpful guide- Know Your Soil Type!

Distance from Water Source to Raised Beds

Measure the distance from the water faucet or garden hose to your garden bed to determine the length of the mainline tubing. If the length exceeds the amount provided in the kit, just add more tubing, and add a coupler to join the tubing together if needed.

Ideal Operating Conditions

Consider the ideal operating conditions of your raised garden beds by assessing factors like sun exposure or temperature fluctuations because these factors affect water evaporation rates.

Required Amount of ¼" Dripline

Calculate the length of the required ¼" dripline per bed and then calculate the total amount of ¼" dripline you will need for a raised bed irrigation project.

Best Raised Garden Bed Irrigation Kits Options for You- Select the Right Kit

Once you have this information, it's time to choose the perfect raised bed kit. Here is our selection of raised garden bed irrigation kits, each designed to meet different garden sizes and needs. Let's discover each irrigation kit's features and parts list and select the one that matches closely with your project.

DripWorks Garden Bed Irrigation Kit- Small

Our small drip irrigation kit can water three 4' × 8' raised beds. This kit is ideal for irrigating your raised beds and helping your plants grow strong while conserving water. Our garden kit includes 50 ft of mainline tubing, 50 ft. of micro tubing, and 100 ft. of dripline. The kit is designed to allow 3 rows of dripline per bed.

In addition, it features ¼" and ½" fittings, punch, filter, psi regulator, and hold-down stakes. You will also get an optional timer with the selection of the garden bed kit with timer. To learn about the parts list of this small garden drip irrigation kit, click here!

DripWorks Garden Bed Irrigation Kit- Medium

The medium garden bed drip irrigation kit can irrigate up to 9 beds (4' × 8'). This kit features 300 ft. of soaker dripline, ¼" and ½" fittings, 100 ft. of ½" mainline tubing, and everything else you need to set up your garden drip irrigation system. There is also an optional Bluetooth timer available in this kit. Find out more features and parts list of the kit via this link.

DripWorks Garden Bed Irrigation Kit- Large

Our large raised garden bed drip irrigation kit can water up to 18 beds (4' x 8'). This large kit gives you all the drip irrigation products you need to irrigate your garden while saving water and money. This raised bed kit is ideal for large gardens. You can operate it manually or automatically too by installing a timer.

In addition, our large garden bed kit has a high flow capacity, so it is best to use a high-flow timer while irrigating the plants. The kit features 600 ft. of soaker dripline, 250 ft. of ¾" mainline tubing, and ¼" and ¾" fittings.

Visit this link to learn about the parts and more features of our large raised garden bed drip irrigation kit!

The Bottom Line

Selecting the right drip irrigation kit for your raised garden beds is crucial to achieving a successful and flourishing garden. Our garden bed irrigation kits are designed to meet the needs of each shape and size of the bed. Choose the raised garden bed kit depending on your requirements and save time, money, and water while enjoying a lush, thriving garden.

If you are still trying to figure out a suitable drip irrigation kit for your raised beds, we are always happy to help you. Call us at 1-800-522-3747 from Mon-Fri and let our irrigation expert find the right kit that suits your needs.