Felco Pruning Shears

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  • Classic Felco 2 Pruners

    Classic Felco 2 Pruners

    If your gardening tool collection doesn't already include the Classic Felco® 2 Pruning Shear, you are missing out! Developed by Felco®, the world's leading manufacturer of pruning shears since 1945, The Classic Felco® sets the standard for all other bypass pruners. Highly reliable with a superior ergonomic design, these pruners are known throughout the gardening world as "the last pruners you'll buy!"

  • Classic Felco 6 Pruners

    Classic Felco 6 Pruners


    The Classic Felco® 6 Pruners are specially designed for the average to smaller sized hands without any sacrifice of the functionality and quality of the Original Felco® 2 Pruners. Offers a fabulous and functional lighter-weight design of the Felco® 2 style.

  • Felco 8 Ergonomic Pruners

    Felco 8 Ergonomic Pruners


    Felco® 8 Ergonomic Pruners are the most modern, retooled version of the famous Felco® 2 Pruners. Specifically designed for those pruning all day long, the light alloy handles are ergonomically shaped to act as an extension of your forearm.

  • Felco 160 Pruners LG

    Felco 160 Pruners LG

    Felco® 160Large Pruners offer Felco® quality designed with the hobby gardener in mind, and at a more affordable price.

  • Felco160 Small Pruners
  • Felco Sharpener
  • Felco Pruner Holster

    Felco Pruner Holster

    Protect your world famous Felco® Pruners in style and pick up this classic Felco® Holster.

  • Replacement Blade for Classic Felco 2 Pruners
  • Replacement Springs for Classic Felco 2  & 8 Ergo
  • Blades for Felco 8 Ergo Pruners