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  • Sandy - Jul 22nd 2018

    Spectrum Sprayer

    These are great, adjustable sprayers.

  • Jane - May 31st 2018

    Great coverage!

    I needed something that would provide thorough coverage on a flat area in which I’m trying to sprout wildflowers. These sprayers have an output that covers much better than the other types, perfect for sprouting seedlings.

  • James - May 23rd 2018

    Very rigid

    Item came as described and isn’t flimsy like the pictures depicts! Very rigid and great design!

  • John - Jan 26th 2018

    Great for bushes and hedges

    The Spectrum Sprayer is a great addition to our driveway landscaping. Works like a charm.

  • Tanya - Aug 12th 2017

    Great product and service

    Great price for this product and fast shipping! I searched for comparable pricing at the "box" stores and local nursery and Dripworks was by far the best choice. Will be ordering more items and the garden grows!

  • Jim Naeve - Aug 6th 2017

    Awesome bubbler, manage the flow as they grow

    I purchased some of these at our last home and loved them. I appreciate being able to adjust the flow of water when the plants were small and then increase it as they grow. We were at our last home for 10 years and I saw trees that started out about 1" diameter trunk grow to well over 8" diameter and the whole time I continued to move these and increase the flow. The fact that these things lasted that long and continue to work is fantastic. These are my go-to bubblers for all my plants now.

  • Carina - Jul 7th 2017

    Great product

    I've ordered about 500 of these vortex sprays to irrigate my vegetable garden. I like that they are adjustable, and any clogs seem easy to clear. I'm satisfied with the product and the service. The only way I can see to improve this is less plastic packaging for large orders. Packs of 100 would be nice, although pack 20 is ok.


This adjustable umbrella patterned sprayer is one of our best sellers. When planting young trees or larger perennials the wetting area can be turned down. As the plants grow, the Spectrum™ spray pattern can be enlarged up to 5 1/2 feet in radius (11' diameter). There are no moving parts to be damaged and the top can be easily removed for cleaning. The Spectrum™ on a stake comes with a break off transfer barb. All Spectrums™ have a full circle pattern.

Pressure Maximum Flow Maximum Radius
15 PSI 17 GPH 4.5 Feet
20 PSI 20 GPH 5.5 Feet
30 PSI 24 GPH 6 Feet

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