Spectrum Sprayer

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  • Donna - Jul 18th 2020


    Sprayers are great. Been using them for years

  • Donna - Jul 18th 2020

    Products and service

    I have always loved the products you all have. However your shipping costs are too high. 1/3 of my order for an padded envelope was for shipping. May have to reconsider before ordering again. It’s a shame.

  • Robert - Jan 2nd 2020

    Work like a champ

    I bought 100 of these units four months ago thinking I had a lifetime supply. Wrong. I have been replacing every drip head I have because I like these so much. I am working on my second 100.

  • Robert - Oct 20th 2019

    I like them

    The 5" stake with the umbrella disbursing emitter is easy to use and works great. I ordered 100 and now have plenty on hand as planting seasons change.

  • jack - Sep 20th 2019


    Already had barb sprayers and needed a few more. Prefect fit. Thankyou

  • alan gregg - Jun 30th 2019

    Owner Gregg Apple Farm

    Excellent wide range and can be elevated.

  • Shelley - Jun 15th 2019

    It works

    Everything we have gotten from Dripworks has been a saver of time, water and energy. The service has been great and shipping is fast!

  • sherelyn - Jun 5th 2019

    Hobby gardener recommends Drip Works

    Great response & fantastic product. It allows garden hobbiest to design their own irrigation system with a myriad of options

  • Michael - May 21st 2019

    spectrum Sprayer Heads

    This is a great for those of us who are hme gardeners. Wide range of spray patterns.

  • Sandy - Jul 22nd 2018

    Spectrum Sprayer

    These are great, adjustable sprayers.


This adjustable umbrella patterned sprayer is one of our best sellers. When planting young trees or larger perennials the wetting area can be turned down. As the plants grow, the Spectrum™ spray pattern can be enlarged up to 5 1/2 feet in radius (11' diameter). There are no moving parts to be damaged and the top can be easily removed for cleaning. The Spectrum™ on a stake comes with a break off transfer barb. All Spectrums™ have a full circle pattern.

Pressure Maximum Flow Maximum Radius
15 PSI 17 GPH 4.5 Feet
20 PSI 20 GPH 5.5 Feet
30 PSI 24 GPH 6 Feet

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