How long does it take to install a drip system?

It depends on the size of your project and its complexity. A small garden set-up typically takes about an hour. For an easy way to get started check out our Drip Irrigation Kits and Drip Irrigation Kit Videos.

What tools will I need to install a drip system?

Basic tools will be hand pruners for cutting the tubing and a punch tool if required. Other items, screwdriver, measuring tape, pipe sealant thread tape, PVC glue and safety glasses.

In what order do I put my filter, timer and regulator when starting my system?

We advise placing your timer first, then the filter and finally the pressure regulator.

Can you help me get started with my installation?

Our website contains a wealth of information, including videos, FAQ's, a planning guide, and a gallery of plans.

Is there a solution to hanging the timer, filter, and regulator directly from my faucet?

Of course! HPEX 3 or 5 allows you to install those heavy parts on the ground or a small platform.

How do I properly install a back flow preventer?

Our backflow devices FAVBP, FBFP, and FBFPP, all use hose threads, and install onto a hose bib or male hose thread fitting. They should not be kept under constant pressure. Installation height should be at least 12" above the water outflow. If your system is on a battery timer, place the back-flow preventer after the timer (downstream).

Are backflow prevention devices required on exterior faucets?

Most building codes require backflow prevention devices to avoid contamination of water supplies by devices (such as a fertilizer injector). connected to an outside faucet. Please check with local codes to determine the type of devices they require. The simple vacuum breakers DripWorks offers should be placed after any battery timers on hose spigots and need to be installed about 12" above your drip system.

Should I put my pressure regulator before or after the filter?

All pressure regulator should be pre-filtered (placed downstream from the filter).

My faucet is low to the ground or at an odd angle, do you carry anything to help with this?

We carry faucet angle adapters that will help in getting the start of the system angled correctly for your convenience.

We also carry an 8" hose extension that will add a bit more flexibility to the setup.

How long does it take to install a drip system?

For small systems, such as the economy versions of our kits, the installation can take up to an hour to an hour and a half. For systems that are bigger like the size of our medium irrigation kits, allow up to two to two and a half hours, and systems that are sized like our Deluxe kits, installation time can take between three to four hours to ensure enough time to measure, cut, install.