Mister Buying Guide

Misters provide a fine droplet of water for those areas that need a delicate watering solution. Misters can also be used for cooling areas down or adding humidity. The mister you choose will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. This guide will help you make the right decision.

First, let's talk about micron size. A micron is a measurement equal to one one-thousandth of a millimeter. The smaller the micron, the smaller the water droplet. With misters, you will need higher mesh filtration and a high-pressure system to achieve smaller droplets.

The SuperFine Mister has the smallest micron and highest-pressure mister that DripWorks offers. These misters come in four options: white, cream, black, and red. The Red Mister has a built-in anti-drip and is the smallest micron size at 50 microns. The white has 55 microns, the cream is 60 microns, and the black is 70 microns. These misters have a 1/8" male threaded base to screw into PVC. The mister produces a 2-3' diameter spray pattern at a pressure range between 40 and 100 PSI. The minimum filtration requirement for the SuperFine misters is a 200-mesh filter.

The 4-Way and 2-Way Foggers from Rivulis have a micron size 70 and operate in a pressure range of 50-72 PSI. Due to the small micron size of these foggers, the minimum filtration required is a 200-mesh filter. This fogger has a press-fit connection that attaches to the anti-drip device that comes with the fogger. These can be connected to poly tubing or PVC with the right combination of adapters. The foggers will produce a spray pattern with about a 3' diameter. They are commonly used for seed propagation, adding humidity, and even livestock cooling.

Our most popular mister, the Tornado Mister, comes with a threaded or press-fit base. The operating pressure range is 20-60 PSI. The water droplets from this mister are much larger than the other two misters listed at 140 microns. The larger micron size means these misters need less filtration and can be used with a 155-mesh filter versus the 200 mesh. The press-fit option can be inverted with a press-fit adapter, while the threaded option can be inserted directly into the mainline.

Our Cool Breeze Mister is perfect for cooling down patios, animal barns, and backyards. The Cool Breeze nozzle operates at a pressure range of 35-80 PSI and produces a 2'-3' diameter circle of mist. This mister has either a barbed or threaded base for multiple application options.

The Vari-Mister has a built-in flow valve, allowing you to control the coverage and flow. The operating pressure range of these misters is 10-30 PSI. They have a threaded base for easy installation in poly mainlines, rigid risers, or PVC pipes. Vari-misters have a maximum flow rate of 7.5 GPH and a maximum spray diameter of 36”. With a gentle, even spray pattern, these misters are an excellent choice for seed propagation.

Our last mister is the Elbow Mister. This unique mister has a 90-degree angle to direct the mist in a specific direction. The operating pressure range is 35-80 PSI, with a 50–100-micron droplet size range. The inlet is a ¼" barb for easy installation to ¼" poly. The elbow mister is a low-flow mister, only using 1.5 GPH and covering a 3.5-4' diameter circle. The directional spray pattern makes this mister a great choice for watering pots and hanging baskets with plants that enjoy the added moisture on their foliage, such as ferns, orchids, pathos, bamboo, and other common houseplants.

Misters come in many varieties, ranging in spray coverage and operating pressure. Sometimes, choosing the right one can be tricky; however, after reading this guide, you are better equipped.

For more help in picking out a mister for your garden, please call our dedicated customer service team at 1-800-522-3747 or jump on our chat feature. DripWorks is open from 8 am-4 pm PST Monday-Friday to answer all your questions.