Drip Tape

Drip tape has been the product of choice for commercial farmers and backyard gardeners for years. It is economical and effective for watering long, straight row crops. You can use drip tape above ground, mulched or buried.

DripWorks offers various styles of drip tape to meet the diverse needs of our customers. You will find material thicknesses ranging from 6 mils to 15 mils, allowing you to select the product that best matches your project and budget. Choose from tapes with low-, medium- or high-flow rates. We have rolls ranging from 100 feet to 4,000 feet, making it easy to order the amount you need for your project.

Manufacturers' warranties cover these tapes. All our drip tapes are 5/8" in diameter. Our irrigation tape should be used with 5/8" tape fittings .

We are excited to offer three new sizes of Drip Tape Row Crop Kits featuring our new Aqua-Traxx drip tape.

For more information on drip tape, visit our Drip Tape section by clicking the resources button at the top of this page. We are also available to answer your questions in person here in Northern California, on the phone or via our online question form. To calculate the amount of drip tape needed to cover a given area, check out our Drip Tape Estimator.

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