Irritec P1 Emitter Tape (1000' Roll)

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  • Richard - May 27th 2021

    Drip tape

    Amazed how well it works. Using it on everything

  • Alton - May 16th 2021

    customer service

    knowledgeable staff great service... good job, and thank you

  • Sam - Jun 16th 2019

    awesome tape for potatoes

    I love this tape for my potato garden. It even works underground after I hill them without getting clogged. Highly recommend it.

  • Lloyd - Apr 24th 2019

    Great product

    Outstanding product. Ran 1000' ft for our garden and it works flawlessly.

  • Molly M - Aug 4th 2018

    Best tape I've tried

    I've been using the Irritec Emitter Tape for 5 years now -- replaced old clogged brittle T-tape and another type with it. It's quite amazing. Even lengths that are accidentally exposed to air and sun stay flexible for a long time, and unlike any other kind of tape I've used over 25 years or so, exposed emitters that clog with calcium un-clog when buried again. It's so tough that when a texting motorist took out 200 feet of fence and rolled fence, posts, and car through a quarter acre of garden I was able to reclaim almost all the tape from the tangle. With tape to tubing connectors it's very easy to work into a tubing system, easy to patch or extend with tape to tape connectors. Easy to close off with a figure eight or its special end closers, and easy to open to drain sand and calcium from. Easy to bury the little bit needed for soil cover to keep evaporating water from clogging the emitter with calcium and to help the water spread. Just draw a groove with a pointed end furrowing hoe, attach the tape to the water source and roll it off the reel down the groove and walk back up the groove dragging the side of the hoe. In my sandy loam soil an hour or two of watering makes an evenly moist strip about a foot wide and deep enough to keep just about anything happy. Here where it's dry from April through October -- usually-- few weeds germinate between tapes set 3 to 5' apart for tomatoes, melons, asparagus, berries. And at ~8 cents a foot it's much cheaper than my former layouts of 600mm tubing with Woodpecker emitters at 3' intervals. I've never had the Irritec tape clog with sand but it might be well to put a filter at the water source -- I have to have an Amiad high pressure filter in front of every timer with our sandy well water in any case so that's a guess but it seems logical. One caveat: gophers like to chew themselves a drink occasionally, so watch for patches of suspiciously lush growth. The weed sickle has a mysterious attraction for all kinds of tape and tubing also. A tip for patching and connecting: cut the tape so you're not trying to cram the connector into a place where there's an emitter, even if it means cutting out an emitter. You can give yourself a few extra feet of tape and just fold it onto itself a few times at the end so there's some extra for patching.

  • CLYDE - May 31st 2018

    Irritec P1 emitter tape

    Haven't used much of it, am comparing to Aqua traxx tape at this time for durability

  • Deborah A - Mar 27th 2018

    Irritec P1 Emitter Tape

    I love the drip tape because it allows me to water while I work on other things in the garden. Dragging hoses to water isn’t as efficient and you can accidentally damage your plants. I water where I need it at the base of my plants into the roots. No splashing water up on the leaves. Love the product.


Irritec's 15 mil discrete emitter tape is the highest quality drip tape on the market. It's seamless construction and pre-installed independent emitters allow for uniform and consistent flow rates.

This high quality drip tape with discrete built-in emitters is perfect for long row crops. It provides excellent uniformity, and the seamless construction prevents leakage around the fittings.


  • No seam offers more reliability and easier installation
  • Ideal for above ground, mulched or buried applications
  • Use with 5/8" tape fittings
  • Seamless construction virtually eliminates leakage around fittings


  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Flow Rate: 40 GPH per 100'
  • Pressure Range: 10-15 PSI
  • Filtration Requirements: Minimum 155 mesh filter recommended
Part/Mfg. PartEmitter SpacingFlowMax Row LengthFlow per 100' @ 8 PSIMax Row Length w/LSB
TP1508HSR P1-51525-08ROLL1000 8" OC High 460 feet 40 GPH .67 GPM 200 ft.

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