There’s a Pond in your Future

There’s a Pond in your Future

If you are considering building a pond on your property for fire protection, irrigation water storage, having a water source for cattle and wildlife, or having a summer recreation spot for your family, one thing is for sure, you'll appreciate the fact that it will increase the aesthetics and the value of your property. Even smaller backyard decorative ponds can become a sanctuary for you, your family, and friends to sit around while bringing a sense of calm, beauty, and serenity.

DripWorks offers a variety of high strength pond liners that are puncture resistant, UV protective, and are fish and plant friendly. The best lining material for a large pond is Reinforced polyethylene pond liner material that is a long-lasting, flexible, and high strength material. If you are thinking of a smaller ornamental pond or a waterfall or stream into the pond, an EPDM synthetic rubber liner is the best material choice. EPDM is the most flexible and natural looking pond liner material. EPDM is ideal for water gardens, waterfalls, and streams. Initially formulated for and used as a roofing material, it is highly UV stabilized for exceptionally long life. This material will allow you to have a water feature around your home and garden or landscape.

Reinforced Polyethylene Liner

A geotextile underlayment fabric may be necessary if the area where you are going to build the pond has sharp rocks or many roots that can’t be dug out. This soft but durable material will protect the liner from sharp objects that are visible or invisible hidden under the ground. Unlike sand, the fabric adheres to the steep sides of excavation when placed in the trench that goes around the perimeter of the pond and holds the liner in place.

Geotextile Protective Material Geotextile Protective Material

Digging out a flat shelf on the upper part of the excavation all around the perimeter of the pond will also be extremely beneficial. Putting aquatic plants in containers on the geotextile covered shelf will add beauty and give fish a place to hide and breed as well. Lastly, this shelf will help create an exit point for people and animals out of the pond. You can also have a floating dock that is anchored to the land just outside of the pond for getting in and out of the pond or just for sitting on or enjoying fishing off the dock.

A pond built with EPDM liner A pond built with EPDM liner

The soil in the area where you build a pond will dictate what thickness the liner should be. Is it all clay soil, topsoil, or sandy soil? The 30 mil thick liners are flexible and suitable for most applications. They will last for 20+ years exposed to the sun. These reinforced poly liners are perfect for aquatic life and plants too.

If you are considering building a pond on your property, DripWorks will be glad to help you every step of the way. We have over 25 years of experience guiding property owners through choosing the best material for their application, preparing for installation, and selecting the right products for maintaining a healthy, thriving pond.

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