Pond Liners & Pond Care

Water features, ponds and streams can add a serene touch of nature outside your home or business. At DripWorks, we carry a range of indoor and outdoor pond liners and pond care products to help you build your pond and maintain it so everyone gets the most enjoyment out of it.

Suitable for decorative water gardens indoors or outside, our EPDM rubber liners provide a durable solution and the most flexible waterproof barrier. Choose from a variety of pre-cut sizes and use our Pond Liner Estimator to find the right one for you. We also stock accessories like primer, seam repair kits and seam and fabrication tape.

For outstanding durability and the most reliable water containment, consider our reinforced polyethylene liners. Factory-made to your specifications, these ship within days of your order.

To protect against punctures from sharp rocks, animals and other sources, we offer nonwoven 8-ounce geotextile material. Install this fabric as an underlayment and around the liner's perimeter for extra protection.

To help prevent excessive algae growth, use our natural pond care products. These use a blend of live bacteria and enzymes to improve water quality by reducing unwanted nutrients.

We also have dyes and other natural products to help keep your water looking good in your blue pond. Liner concerns or other pond-based questions? Call or email us for helpful suggestions from our friendly, knowledgeable staff.