Landscape Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Landscape Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Mar 6th 2024

Your home's curb appeal plays a starring role in creating a memorable first impression and making your home sell faster. The first impression of your home matters as it can make or break the buyer's decision. An attractive, well-maintained landscape creates an inviting ambiance for potential buyers and increases property value. Did you know that a house with a well-designed landscape has a 5.5-12.7% more price advantage than a home without landscaping? You can start cleaning up your yard and prepare it at least a month before showing your house to buyers.

Here are the ten tips to spruce up your front yard, enhance your home's curb appeal, and sell your home more quickly at a better price.

1. Add Mulch to Your Garden Beds

Fresh mulch is a great way to spruce your beds and transform your landscape. Apply a 2-3" layer of fresh mulch in all your garden beds and around trees to give the landscape a new and welcoming feel. The color of darker mulch will highlight the contrast of plants and make everything stand out. Additionally, mulch is easy to apply and cheap. Mulch offers several benefits to your plants, retaining soil moisture and keeping your plants in optimal condition.

2. Plant Colorful Flowers to Add a Pop of Color

The seasonal color of bold blooms makes the landscape pop. Plant colorful annual or in-season flowers in your garden to add a splash of color to your outdoor space and make it feel more welcoming. However, it would help if you kept it simple, as home buyers won't like to spend their weekends maintaining the plants. So, choose low-maintenance flowers and colors that fit your home's exterior.

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3. Clean Up the Water Features

An attractive, clean water feature will attract potential buyers, add a calming touch to your landscape, and help you sell your home faster. Water features are the best way to increase your property value. If you have a fountain or pond in your landscape, clean it to ensure the water is crystal clear. Remove leaves and debris, as well as get rid of any algae. A water feature with build-up debris can quickly turn off buyers.

If you want to build a unique and high-quality pond in your yard, you should use EPDM rubber pond liners. The flexible pond liner will give your pond a natural and attractive look. One of the best features of these pond liners is that they are highly durable and resistant to extreme weather. Also, they do not require any specific terrain to build.

4. Trim Overgrown Shrubs and Trees

Well-trimmed plants and edged landscape beds will present a tidy appearance that appeals to buyers. On the other hand, overgrown shrubs and trees can make your home look neglected, requiring high maintenance. So, remove dead or dying plants from your garden and prune existing shrubs and trees. Well-pruned trees improve the home's visibility and allow more natural light to pass through windows. Regardless of the season, you should prune your landscape.

5. Make Sure Your Lawn is Healthy and Clean

Keeping a beautiful lawn is essential when looking for landscaping tips to sell your home. The first thing buyers will notice when they pull up is the state of your lawn. A lush, green, healthy lawn sets the tone of your property. When the lawn looks great and is well-maintained, buyers will automatically think the house will also be great. If your lawn is full of bare spots and weeds, buyers will already have a first negative impression. Ensure the lawn is mowed, fertilized, well irrigated, and weeds-free.

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6. Ensure Walkways are Clean and Safe

Cracked pathways, broken steps, and dirty walkways look unattractive and are also a safety hazard. A clear and safe path to the home entrance increases the overall appeal. Enhance your walkway with a makeover by installing well-designed walkways. It's an excellent way to maximize your home's value. At the very least, you should create a welcoming journey for buyers by ensuring the front walkway or entryway is clean, maintained, and safe. Installing path lights will not only help increase your home's safety but will also help increase your home value.

7. Define Your Outdoor Space

Many home buyers love the outdoor living spaces in homes. Design small outdoor zones like a dining area, seating corner, or a cozy fire pit nook. This lets buyers think they can spend time outdoors with their loved ones and plan gatherings. Whether it is a patio or deck, a lovely outdoor space can highly boost the value of your home.

Moreover, you may not want to create a new outdoor space just to sell a home. Consider how long you plan to stay to determine how much you will use this new space before selling a home.

8. Add Outdoor Lights

Adding outdoor lighting is a simple yet fantastic trick to improve your home's curb appeal with landscaping. Outdoor lights that are strategically placed highlight the best features of your landscape. You can either use wired landscape lighting or solar lighting. Add landscape lights to your pathways, plants, trees, patios, and other elements to make them more beautiful.

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9. Fix any Irrigation Issues

The irrigation system is the most important thing to consider in your landscape. If your irrigation system has problems, fix them before showing your home. You should not lay the high cost of irrigation repairs on the buyer. Inspect the garden and lawn irrigation system thoroughly to ensure no leaks or damaged components need replacement. A leaking pipe or faucet can quickly turn off buyers, as it suggests there may be more issues.

Additionally, if you have an automatic drip irrigation system, give the buyer details of your irrigation schedule. You can also guide them on how the system works and recommend the best watering schedule.

Wash Dirty Surfaces

Decks, pathways, patios, fences, and other paved surfaces commonly collect a lot of dirt and deter potential buyers. The last landscape tip to sell your home fast is to buy or rent a power washer to clean all dirty and grimy surfaces in your landscape. Power washers do a wonderful job of effectively removing mud, grime, and dirt. With a little effort, you can make those surfaces look brand-new.

The Bottom Line

A great landscape can significantly impact your home's sale value. Home buyers highly value beautiful curb appeal and outdoor living. Therefore, a beautiful landscape makes a great first impression on buyers and increases the property value. All these landscaping tips will improve your curb appeal, automatically attract buyers, and help you sell your home fast.

Whether looking for a high-quality and affordable irrigation system for your landscape or lawn, sprinklers, outdoor lights, or garden tools, DripWorks can help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space.