Landscape and Garden Trends 2023

Landscape and Garden Trends 2023

Mar 2nd 2023

Practical gardening is highly popular right now. If you want to enhance or update your landscape and garden in 2023, it's a great time to add popular trends and some timeless designs to your project. Surrounding yourself with natural beauty isn't frivolous, and it is a worthwhile endeavor that improves your mood and outlook on life. With that in mind, it's no secret that landscapers or gardeners strive to improve the aesthetics and keep up with the trend. Now, you must consider transforming your landscape into something exciting and up to date. If so, no worries; DripWorks has got you covered.

This blog post discusses trending landscape and garden ideas from our gardening experts to transform your space in 2023. In addition, you'll learn what irrigation system is best for the low-cost gardening landscape and saves you time and water. So, without further ado, let's dive deeper into the details!

Whether you crave an entertaining space, a secluded spot, a dedicated flower garden, or a poolside lounge, consider these landscape and garden trends blooming in 2023.

Growing vertically

Vertical planting has been popular for a while now. A vertical garden is ideal for a small space, so space-starved gardeners love this style. Growing plants vertically can give an artistic twist to your garden or landscape by adding beauty and structural elements. Options to create breathtaking vertical space include arbor, trellis, or pergola, fence shelving, hanging baskets, planter boxes, and living walls.

Swapping lawns for meadows

In recent years, gardeners have been cutting out sections of their lawns and swapping them for pollinator-friendly and drought-tolerant plants. The garden provided by drought-tolerant and water-wise plants provides a stable environment. So, meadow gardens are becoming top trends and continue to boom for the following reasons:

  • Meadow gardens support pollinators.
  • These plants don't require harmful chemicals to thrive.
  • They do not need mowing.

Cottage Gardens

Many homeowners create cottage-style gardens with vibrant, fragrant, and welcoming blooms. The cottage garden is a romantic planting style involving several beautiful flowers close together, becoming a sea of vibrant blossoms. Our favorite and charming cottage garden flowers include allium, phlox, yarrow, dianthus, and foxglove.

Bringing water into gardens

Adding a small pond to your landscaping project is an excellent option to make your overall space unique. A pond can be beautiful, providing a relaxing atmosphere after a long day. Besides beautifying the area, ponds provide emergency water and many other practical benefits. However, if you're worried about cleaning a pond, check out this helpful article in which we've mentioned great tips on how to clean a pond and keep it crystal clear.

Cheery and Defined outdoor spaces

Homeowners are leaning towards creating more efficient and cheery outdoor spaces because they spend much time outdoors. Therefore, gardeners and landscapers are finding ways to connect nature with outdoor spaces and patios to create a perfect space to unwind. In addition, they get more creative with color combinations. You can also go for a vibrant outdoor space full of colorful flowers to make it your mood booster.

Using natural materials

Finally, there is a rise in the use of natural materials due to increased interest in making calm, serene spaces. Now, natural stone pathways are capturing the attention of gardeners once again. From boulder walls to stone patios and natural stone tracks, natural materials are used to reimagine landscapes and gardens. Also, homeowners are adding small seating areas.

After beautifully upgrading the garden and landscape, the next most important thing is to opt for the quality irrigation system that nurtures your plants and benefits you in the long run. Scroll and read on to find the best irrigation system for your garden.

Drip Irrigation System for Landscape and Garden

Summer is about to come. Do you spend much time in the early morning or evening watering your gardens, flowerbeds, and gardens? Do you forget to water plants during hot days, and your plants wither or die? Who will water your garden if you are away on vacation? Are you tired of dragging your hose to reach all the spaces in the garden? Then, you need an efficient drip irrigation system for your landscaped areas and gardens.

Drip irrigation is a simple and economical watering system that directly provides the right amount of water to the roots of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and trees. Installing the right irrigation system is a great way to save your time and money. With this effective system, you don't have to drag a garden hose or move around soaker hoses because the system applies the water to the plants' root zones.

Reasons to Add a Drip Irrigation System to your Gardens.

So, why is a drip irrigation system beneficial for your wallet, environment, and schedule?

  • Unlike sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation saves significant water by applying water directly to the plant's location.
  • You can save time by automating the drip irrigation system and timing it. So, your garden will be watered regularly, and you won't have to add it to your to-do list.
  • Drip irrigation saves you on your water bill because drip lines only water the plants that need irrigation. Therefore, you don't have to pay for water that never reaches your plants.
  • A drip irrigation system reduces weed growth by applying water directly to plants' roots and avoiding the surrounding soil.
  • Another incredible benefit of the drip system is that it prevents plant diseases because no water applies to plants' foliage.
  • With drip irrigation, plant fertilizers work effectively, and you can apply liquid fertilizer via your drip system into plants' root zone.

You'll find that drip irrigation provides immense benefits to your gardens and is also well-suited for rugged landscapes. DripWorks provides quality drip irrigation supplies for your farm, garden, deck, or landscape to nurture your plants and conserve water.

Final Thoughts

Staying up to date with gardening trends and techniques is a good investment for gardeners and landscapers. Whether you opt for a vertical, sanctuary, or cottage garden, you should focus on creating a space that blends natural beauty and peace.

Regardless of the trends, you can design your garden with our Garden Planner to craft a unique outdoor space. However, if you want to add a drip irrigation system to your flowerbeds, farms, gardens, and landscapes, you can't go wrong with DripWorks's quality Drip Irrigation system.

Our drip system delivers trouble-free operation and irrigation efficiency to gardens and landscapes. If you've any questions or need advice about the irrigation system or garden planning, feel free to contact us via live chat or by filling out our contact form.

Our highly experienced and friendly customer team would love to help you find the best system for your yard so your plants can get the most out of the irrigation system. You can also check out the FAQ page, videos, and blogs to learn everything you need to.