Deep Tree Watering Stakes

Deep Tree Watering Stakes

Mar 7th 2024

Deep Tree watering stakes are an excellent alternative to traditional drip irrigation methods. These watering stakes provide deep-root watering to your plants and trees. They provide water, oxygen, nutrients, and fertilizer to plants' root zones. Deep drip tree watering stakes help you save 50% of outdoor water use because these stakes deliver water directly to roots and reduce the chances of evaporation or runoff. This prevents water and fertilizer waste and saves you money.

Read the guide to learn how to use deep drip tree watering stakes, choose the proper watering stake for your plant or tree, and more about this device.

When and How to Use Deep Tree Watering Stakes

Deep tree watering stakes work in every garden or landscape. You can use these watering stakes for any large plant, tree, or small shrub. These watering stakes are designed to effectively water your trees directly at the roots, whether newly planted or already established. Deep drip works perfectly with an automatic drip system or garden hose. They are available in different lengths to support different plants and trees based on their root depth and watering needs.

Deep tree watering stakes promote deeper root development and healthier plants by watering directly to the root zone. This will saturate the soil deeply and allow the plant's root system to spread roots down. With deep tree watering, you can also aerate and fertilize the soil and roots of your trees. This will keep trees from being uprooted during strong winds and help them survive long, dry spells. If you have trees near sidewalks or patios, promoting deeper and healthier roots will prevent the roots from coming to the surface area and damaging structures and foundations.

Installation Process

Here are the steps you should follow to install the deep tree watering stake effectively.

  • Prepare the ground where you want to install the stake.
  • If the planting area has hard, tough, or compacted soil, you should pre-soak the area, or you can use a soil softener to saturate the ground before installation.
  • Once the area is prepared and softened, hammer at the top of the stake to drive your deep tree watering stake into the ground. Use a rubber mallet to hammer down the Deep Tree watering stake.
  • For easier installation, you can pre-drill a hole using a 1.25-inch drill bit where you want to place the stake.
  • Leave the top of the stake cap and the shaft's top hole exposed for proper aeration and easy removal. Also, avoid striking at an angle or while the stake is connected to the drip line.
  • Do not hammer the uncapped stake because it can break or damage the shaft.
  • If you are installing the deep drip watering stake next to an area where you might use a lawnmower, you should drive your stake deeper below the surface. Remember, it can affect aeration and removal of stake.

Using Watering Stakes with Drip Irrigation System

  1. Once the stake is installed in the ground, remove the cap.
  2. Attach an emitter to the end of the 1/4 tubing and run the tubing's end downwards into the stake in a way that the emitter head is placed halfway between the stake's first and second holes.
  3. Place the cap back over the top of the stake to secure the dripline in place. The watering stake has a unique slotted cap that is built to integrate with the drip system and lock in your drip line.
  4. Woodpecker Jr. Emitters are compatible with watering stakes as they are designed specifically to provide a precise amount of water to stakes.

Using Watering Stakes with Hose

  1. Drive the stake into the ground. Build a well around your tree or plant. Larger plants will need larger wells and more watering stakes.
  2. Bury stakes in the plant well, leaving the cap on and the shaft's top hole above the surface.
  3. Place the hose in the well and set it on a slow and steady flow.
  4. When the well fills up, water will flow into the stake and irrigate the roots of your trees deeply.

Benefits of Deep Tree Watering Stakes

The benefits of these watering stakes include:

  • Promotes deeper, healthier roots and harvests
  • Delivers water and nutrients directly to roots
  • Conserves water by reducing watering time
  • Prevents erosion and runoff
  • Aerates soil with oxygen
  • Allows you to deliver fertilizer to the root zone
  • Encourages less weed growth
  • Efficient and easy to use

How to Fertilize Plants with Deep Tree Watering Stakes?

  • Install the watering stake and remove the cap.
  • Add fertilizer to the open shaft of the stake. You can add liquid, water-soluble, granulated, or powder fertilizer to the watering stake.
  • Follow the instructions on the package to give the right amount of fertilizer according to your plant's needs.
  • As the water passes through the stake, it will dissolve the nutrients and feed your plants' roots.

How to Choose the Right Deep Tree Watering Stake?

Deep tree watering stakes come in various sizes. Each size is recommended for different groups of plants and trees. Choosing the right size is important to ensure proper deep hydration for your trees. Here is an overview of stake sizes and their uses to help you choose the right stake.

8" Deep Tree Watering Stake: Perfect for small garden plants, small potted plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruits

14" Deep Tree Watering Stake: Perfect for plants with shallow roots like shrubs, small ornamental trees, vines, and large potted plants

24" Deep Tree Watering Stake: Best for medium trees (established or newly planted trees), including fruit trees, saplings

36" Deep Tree Watering Stake: Perfect for large, mature, and established trees and palms

How Many Stakes Per Tree Should You Use?

For Small Plants: Use 1 or 2 8" stakes per plant. Place the stake on the side of each plant.

For Small Trees: Use 2-3 14" watering stakes. Place the stakes around the tree, forming a triangle or on any side near the tree's base, but avoid the root ball.

For Medium Trees: Use 3 24" watering stakes. Place stakes in a triangle or outside the root ball of an existing tree.

For Large, Established Trees: Use three or more 36" watering stakes. Place stakes 4-5 feet apart within the canopy and avoid the root ball. You will need more stakes for larger trees.

Are Tree Watering Stakes a Good Alternative for Watering?

Tree watering stakes are a useful alternative to surface tree irrigation. Subsurface irrigation with tree watering stakes provides water, oxygen, and nutrients deeper to the roots of your plants and trees, promoting deeper roots and healthier plants. These stakes release water deeper into the ground, encouraging roots to grow deeper into the soil. Plants with deeper roots are stronger and healthier because they receive deep root watering.

Furthermore, deeper roots help prevent erosion, tree uprooting, and damage to buildings, sidewalks, and pathways caused by uprooting. Unlike surface tree irrigation, irrigation with watering stakes conserves water by reducing runoff and evaporation. Moreover, you can deliver fertilizer deeply to roots through the stakes for fast absorption.

Shop the Best Deep Tree Watering Stakes at DripWorks

DripWorks carries durable deep drip tree watering stakes that can provide deep root watering to your plants and trees. Whether you're looking for 14" watering stakes for small trees or shrubs or 24" for medium trees, fruit trees, or saplings, we have you.

Our deep drip watering stakes will help you conserve up to 50% water by preventing water loss. The stake's shaft has an internal filter that keeps roots, dirt, and rocks out, ensuring proper irrigation. Additionally, the stake comes with a UV-protected slotted cap for the drip line. The deep tree watering stakes are easy to use and maintenance-free. Drive them into the ground, and you're done. You can use the stakes with a drip irrigation system or a garden hose.