Woodpecker Jr. Emitters

Woodpecker Jr. Emitters


Woodpecker Jr. Emitters are designed specifically for even watering and are perfect for commercial applications. They have a non-draining check valve that opens and closes at 7 PSI. Every emitter in the system starts and stops at the same time giving off the same amount of water. No more under or over watering at the beginning and ends of the lines (or in low areas of the system).

  • Pressure range of 10 - 50 PSI
  • 1/4" inlet and outlet
  • Built-in check valve ensures even flow rates

The Shutoff cap can be used with the Woodpecker Jr. but the loop on the Shutoff Cap will not fit between the Woodpecker Jr. Emitter and the tubing as it does with the standard Woodpecker Emitter.

Customer Reviews

Woodpecker Jr
Excellent Product
Woodpecker Jr's saved the day
The regular sized Woodpecker Emitters were not a good match for my 'Deep Drip Tree Watering Stakes (DDTWS), so I purchased the Woodpecker Jr's to see how they would work. The Woodpecker Jr's are an ideal match for the DDTWS. I'm happy, my trees are happy, the earth we all love is happy, in my small backyard garden. In fact, I may use the nicely sized Woodpecker Jr emitters for other watering needs as well.
havent found a single failure in 700

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