Best Gifts for a Gardener

Best Gifts for a Gardener

Apr 12th 2023

Spring is here and most of us are more than ready to start gardening. It is very satisfying to plant, tent, harvest and share your own food. We know that having the right tools can make a big difference in the garden, so we have composed a list of must-haves for gardeners. We have selected a few items from our store that we are sure they will like.

Garden Tools

It is no exaggeration to say that the Felco No. 2 Pruners are the best pruners. The original design by Felco has remained unchanged and unsurpassed for 65 years. They are highly reliable with a superior ergonomic design, these pruners are known throughout the gardening world as "the last pruners you'll buy" The blade is exceptionally long-lasting, replaceable, and can be sharpened. Its hardened bolt and nut ensure the exact adjustment of the blades. It can cut branches up to a 1" diameter.

The Fiskars Telescoping Bypass Loppers have handles that allow the user to reach further up into a tree or shrub while reducing hand fatigue. The bypass blade is ideal for cutting green living growth like tree branches. The precision ground blade cuts with less resistance than thicker blades and stays sharp longer for lasting value. The low-friction blade coating resists rust and makes every cut easier. The tool's length is 25"-37". The cutting capacity is 1 5/8" in diameter.

Fiskars Pro Pruning Shears allow you to cut stems and branches comfortably. The blade tension can be adjusted to fit your hand strength. It will make working in your yard easier and more comfortable. It will work well on branches up to 1" in diameter. The precision ground steel blade will glide through wood and resist rust. These pruners are ideal for smaller branches such as berries, artichokes, young fruit trees, and shrubs. These comfortable pruners are an excellent alternative to the more expensive Felco pruners.

Chapin Pro Series Poly Sprayer is perfect for the homeowner or the landscape professional. The sprayer features the SureSpray Anti-Clog filter, which will guarantee excellent performance every time it's used. Many gardeners use it for foliar feeding of fertilizers and for cooling off plants in a greenhouse.

Gilmour Flexogen Hose

Double Reinforced construction and heavy-duty crush-resistant metal couplings make this Flexogen Premium Duty Hose"The best hose you'll ever buy." It's the lightest hose, leakproof, and kink resistant. The durable 8-layer construction with a reinforced core has a stainless-steel spring that prevents kinking at the spigot. With a 600 PSI burst strength, this hose is made in the USA.

Irrigation Kits

Garden Bed Kits

The Garden Bed kit comes with everything you need to go from your faucet to your raised garden beds. These kits come with tubing and fittings to create a drip irrigation system for any small to medium size bed.

Drip Tape Kits for Row Crops

These kits are for long rows or large beds.These kits include Drip Tape, a favorite for backyard gardeners and farmers.

Rose and Shrub Kits

Ideal for Bushes, Shrubs, or Small Trees.These kits are a favorite for people with containers and garden boxes.

Individual Plant Kits

For any garden. Just place the emitters where needed. The kit will allow you to water landscapes or areas where your plantings are far apart.

DripWorks kits are easy to install and come with easy-to-follow instructions and online videos to give you confidence. Visit for more help with gardening irrigation ideas.