All About Drip Irrigation Bubblers

All About Drip Irrigation Bubblers

Sep 7th 2023

Drip irrigation is the most effective method of watering plants that ensures water conservation and optimal plant growth. Among the various components of the drip irrigation system, bubblers deliver controlled amounts of water directly to plants' root zones. No water is wasted due to wind, evaporation, or overspray mist.

This blog will discuss everything about drip irrigation bubblers, exploring their types, applications, adjustments, and maintenance techniques. Without further ado, let's begin!

What are Bubblers?

Bubblers, one of the vital components of a drip irrigation system, are small irrigation heads designed to emit constant water to plants' root systems, like natural raindrops. Unlike conventional sprinklers, bubblers provide more precise watering by targeting the area directly at ground level, where the water requires it, instead of spraying water in the air. There will be no overspray on your plant's leaves, your home, or wood fences. Place them down near the ground to avoid wetting the leaves of the plants.

Bubblers are commonly used with trees, particularly young trees, and for shrubs and flowers that need direct, consistent water at root balls. They are useful in gardens, landscapes, and farms where targeted watering and high-volume irrigation are necessary.

The precision and constant flow penetrate the water deeply into the soil. Using drip irrigation bubblers in your system to water your plants, will ensure your shrubs, trees, and perennials look brilliant, and there's no more water waste. However, bubblers are available in various types, each suitable for different uses. Let's look at the types and their usage.

Types of Bubblers

Here are the different types of bubblers:

Micro Bubblers

Micro bubblers are small-sized bubblers that have lower flow rates and emit a fine mist of water droplets. They are available as adjustable flow emitters with barbs to allow installation directly onto drip tubing. Micro bubblers allow for flows of 4 gallons per hour but provide the water efficiency and adjustability that you need. They are perfect for seedlings, delicate plants, and small areas. They uniformly distribute water which prevents soil erosion and over-saturation.

Flood Bubblers

Flood bubblers emit water in a broader pattern; as their name shows, they flood the soil. They flow at a higher rate and effectively saturate the soil. These bubblers are suitable for shrubs, thirsty plants, and larger areas that require moderate to higher water levels. Flood bubblers are both adjustable and non-adjustable. However, adjustable flood bubblers are most common, which have a small water valve with a knob or screw to adjust the water flow rate.

Stream Bubblers

Stream bubblers spray the water 2 to 5 feet away from the bubbler. These bubblers are ideal for watering container plants, small gardens, flower beds, trees, and shrubs.

Mushroom Bubblers

Mushroom bubblers provide water in a mushroom-like full-circle spray pattern and can adjust from light trickle to full flow. They are best for watering trees, shrubs, and medium-sized plants and can be used for containers or garden beds. These bubblers ensure uniform water distribution, preventing under or over-watering.

Choosing the Right Drip Irrigation Bubblers For Your Needs

Now you know about each type of irrigation bubbler and their uses. To choose the right irrigation bubbler for your lawn or landscape, you should carefully pick by considering some factors such as water requirements, plant types, and soil conditions. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right bubbler for the right areas.

  • Choose micro bubblers to water shrubs, trees, containers, flower beds, and small areas. They are useful for providing consistent moisture to young plants and germinating seeds.
  • Use flood bubblers for larger plant areas and sloped landscapes. Adjustable flood bubblers effectively control water flow and prevent soil erosion on slopes.
  • Use stream bubblers for shrubs, individual trees, and container plantings. Their focused water stream minimizes water waste and encourages root growth.
  • Choose mushroom bubblers for your landscape to irrigate smaller areas, garden beds, and containers. Their unique mushroom-like circular pattern ensures thorough coverage without water wastage.

How to Adjust, Replace and Repair Irrigation Bubblers?

Like any irrigation system, proper maintenance of drip irrigation bubblers is crucial to ensure constant water delivery and boost plant health. Here are the steps you should take while adjusting, and repairing bubblers:

Adjusting Bubblers

Examine the Water Flow: Turn on the irrigation system and check the bubbler's performance. Make sure the water flow is even and targeted to areas correctly.

Adjusting Flow Rate: Most bubblers are adjustable with adjustable flow rate settings and have a flow control valve with the screw. Use a valve to regulate water according to the plant's needs. Others can be adjusted with a simple twist of the spray head. These are ideal for gardeners that want a simple and affordable option.

Cleaning: Gently clean the emitter holes and remove any dirt, debris, or mineral buildup that is affecting the water flow. Cleaning restores the optimal performance of the irrigation system and ensures proper water flow.

Replacing Bubblers

Turn off the irrigation System: Turn off the system and ensure the water supply is stopped.

Remove Old Bubbler: Carefully unscrew the old bubbler from the irrigation tubing.

Install New Bubbler: Attach the new bubbler to the tubing securely. Make sure to install it tightly to prevent any leaks.

Repairing Bubblers

Identify Issue: If the bubbler isn't working properly and there's improper water distribution, examine it thoroughly and identify the issue. There may be a clog or damaged component.

Cleaning: Clean clogged emitter holes and rinse the bubbler to remove any dirt.

Replacement Parts: If the bubbler is beyond repair, replace the damaged part. Most companies offer replacement parts for their irrigation products.

The Bottom Line

Drip irrigation bubblers deliver water precisely to the roots of shrubs, trees, and perennials. They help with drip irrigation system applications that demand targeted watering. Irrigation bubblers provide water directly to plants' root balls, thus saving water compared to sprinklers that spray water into the air. In this guide, we have covered everything related to bubblers to help you choose the right type for irrigating your garden and landscape. It is best to use a bubbler with an adjustable flow rate.

If you're looking for the best adjustable bubblers for your garden, greenhouse, or landscape, Adjust-A-Bubbler and Jain Octa-Bubbler from DripWorks are perfect. These bubblers smartly water those spots that traditional sprinklers miss because of trees or other obstructions. Jain Octa-Bubbler is an eight-outlet, pressure-compensating bubbler that meets all your watering needs.

Whatever you need to add to your drip irrigation system, DripWorks offers a wide range of high-quality irrigation products by the most trusted brands.

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