Arkal Disc Filters

Arkal Disc Filters

  • 1 1/2" Arkal Filter 140 Mesh $156.95 FA112140
  • 1 1/2" Arkal Filter 200 Mesh $156.95 FA112200
  • 1" Arkal Filter 140 Mesh $99.95 FA1
  • 1" Arkal Filter 200 Mesh $99.95 FA1200
  • 3/4" Arkal Filter 140 Mesh $34.95 FA34

If quality is everything to you, consider the Arkal Disc Filters from DripWorks. Arkal filters are the finest on the market. For those experiencing problems with organic matter like algae, Arkal disc filter use might be the answer.

The stacked discs in this filter are more durable and easier to clean than screens or cartridges. Simply remove them from the filter body for cleaning. Arkal filters are rated up to 140 PSI.

All Arkal filters have male pipe threads (MPT) on the inlet and outlet. If connecting these filters to a hose threaded system, you may need to use hose to pipe thread adapters .

1" and 1 1/2" Arkal Disc Filters use the same size disc sets.

Super Disc Filters with twice the filtering surface areas are also available.

SKU Filter Size (MPT) Mesh Flow (GPM) Filter Area (Sq. In.)
FA34 3/4" 140 12 24.8
FA1 1" 140 26 48.9
FA1200 1" 200 26 48.9
FA112140 1½" 140 35 48.9
FA112200 1½" 200 35 48.9

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