Arkal Super Filters

Arkal Super Filters

  • 1 1/2" Arkal Super Filter 140 Mesh $199.95 FA112140SU
  • 1 1/2" Arkal Super Filter 200 Mesh $199.95 FA112200SU
  • 1" Arkal Super Filter 140 Mesh $149.95 FA1140SUP
  • 1" Arkal Super Filter 200 Mesh $149.95 FA1200SUP

Arkal designed the Super Filter for larger irrigation systems or for areas with a lot of organic matter (algae) in the water. The super disc set is twice the size of a standard Arkal disc set, giving a much larger filtering capacity and a higher flow. Arkal Super filters are rated up to 140 PSI.

Arkal Super Filters have pressure gauge ports on top. Use 1/4" female couplers to connect 1/4" pressure gauges to the ports on top of these filters. The female couplers and pressure gauges are sold separately. Installing pressure gauges on either side of the filter will indicate when the filter is clogged (the outlet pressure will decrease) and needs to be cleaned.

SKU Filter Size (MPT) Mesh Flow (GPM) Filter Area (Sq. In.)
FA1140SUP 1" 140 35 86.5
FA1200SUP 1" 200 35 86.5
FA112140SU 1½" 140 52 86.5
FA112200SU 1½" 200 52 86.5

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