Row Cover

Row cover gently protects young plantings from frost, insects and wind. A small investment in effective garden row cover can pay big dividends if it protects just one crop from damage or destruction. Thanks to our low wholesale row covers' prices, you won't have to pay a lot to protect your plants. Garden row covers can also help you extend your growing season, allowing you to plant earlier and harvest later.

Floating row cover is a fabric that can be used to protect young plants from frost, insects, wind and heavy rains and downpours. Yet this material is permeable enough to allow a portion of the water to pass through the fabric, irrigating the plants underneath. This product is available from DripWorks in two weights: light or medium. It is excellent for protecting row crops, garden beds and shrubs as well as individual fruit trees or deck containers.

In addition, we carry row cover accessories like loop hoops. These steel hoops provide a handy way to support frost protection fabric over your plants.