GCI Lightweight Frost Protection

GCI Lightweight Frost Protection

  • 7' x 50' $18.95 GC05750
  • 7' x 250' $49.95 GC057250
  • 7' x 500' $99.95 GC057500
  • 7' x 1000' $199.95 GC0571000

This .05 oz GCI Row cover shields plants from frost, cold, wind and insects. It is an easy way to prolong the growing season both spring and fall. Available in two weights for use on row crops, garden beds, shrubs, individual fruit trees and deck containers.

  • 85% light tranparency
  • 0-4 frost protection
  • Jumpstart or prolong the growing season
  • Increase yields
  • Protect plants from frost, wind, and insect damage
  • Use hold downs, rocks or soil to secure row cover

Customer Reviews

I've been using light weight row covers for some years and when I needed to replenish my supply I was very happy to see that DripWorks carried the product.. Living in the southern Willamette Valley of Oregon I receive shipments from them in just 3-4 days. I don't use the covers so much for frost protection as to protect my seeds from being dug up and even my seedling beig pulled out by birds. In addition, of course, the covers do provide a protected environment for the young plants and, last not least, keep flying insects at bay.
Keeps the bugs out too!
This lightweight fabric and accompanying hoops work well in keeping the vine borers from our squash plants.
This hose is perfect everything it was advertised to be

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