GCI Mediumweight Frost Protection

GCI Mediumweight Frost Protection

  • 7' x 50' $24.95 GC10750
  • 7' x 250' $114.95 GC107250
  • 7' x 500' $189.95 GC107500
  • 7' x 1000' $345.95 GC1071000

This 1.1 ounce GCI Row cover shields plants from frost, cold, wind and insects. It is an easy way to prolong the growing season both spring and fall. Available in two weights for use on row crops, garden beds, shrubs, individual fruit trees and deck containers.

  • 70% transparency
  • 4 to 6 frost protection
  • Use on nursery stock, vegetables, berries and bedding plants
  • Protects from frost, wind and insect damage
  • Use hold downs, rocks or soil to secure row cover

Customer Reviews

not great, material was back ordered , did not know when ordered then get email saying it is back ordered but no ETA, so I email back over a month out that is not helpful since this is obvisouly d=for frost protection.
then they ofered to sell >$100 dollars worth that they could ship now...dont have the monet for that suggested they divey up the long roll to mee orders for folks that want less...no go
Ordered from johny seeds much faster and cheaper

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