Vibra-Clean Emitters (10 Pack)

Vibra-Clean Emitters (10 Pack)

  • 1 GPH (Blue) $3.49 DOV1-10

Vibra-Clean emitters have a low profile to help protect against damage from weed-whackers and foot traffic, making them ideal for commercial landscape plantings. The tapered base allows for easy insertion and the DOVTOOL saves time, effort, and your fingers! They must be installed into either 1/2" or 3/4" tubing and cannot be used with 1/4" tubing. The Vibra-Clean requires a slightly larger hole than 1/4". Use a Large Hole Miracle Punch (PUMK).

  • Pressure range of 5-60 PSI
  • Pressure compensating
  • Damage resistant design
  • Screened inlet resists clogging
  • Easy to install

*The 1/2 GPH Vibra-Clean emitter (DOV12) requires 200 mesh filtration. All other Vibra-Clean emitters require 150 mesh.

Customer Reviews

Good for Cannabis
We used these are a few other brands to plant Hemp in NC, these were by far the best ones we worked with from several companies.
small business owner
excellent product

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