Vari Mister (5 Pack)

Vari Mister (5 Pack)


The Vari Mister has a built in valve to control the flow and pattern size of the spray. This makes it useful in a variety of applications. It has a maximum diameter of 36" and can be shut off when not in use. The maximum flow ranges from 4 GPH at 10 PSI to 7 1/2 GPH at 30 PSI. It has a 10/32 threaded base for use in 1/4" tubing or with a Rigid Riser.

Customer Reviews

A fantastic mister
Very fast shipping! I have been using these misters 24/7 for
over a month. I ordered 15 and am using 12 for now'. Dissolved nutrient solution passes thru these misters and I have had absolutely no problems with any of them, even under low pressure they continue to perform as desired'
In fact I just ordered 15 more before I wrote this review.
Covers my plants with a fine mist. Works great!
I couldn't find these misters locally but found them at DripWorks. The price was competitive and shipping was fast.
They work quite well
Vari Mister
The Vari Mister is the best broadcast sprayer I have found for my greens bed. After trying many different types it has out performed all. The rigid risers make it easy to keep the sprayer above the growing greens and the adjustable spray makes it perfect for changing bed conditions and sizes.

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