SuperNet PC Sprinkler Assemblies

SuperNet PC Sprinkler Assemblies

  • Low Flow (Purple) $4.69 MSNPT
  • Med Flow (Blue) $4.65 MSNBLUT
  • High Flow (Black) $4.69 MSNBLAT

These SuperNet PC Sprinkler Assemblies (MSNPT, MSNBLUT, and MSNBLAT) include the sprinkler body, stock spinner (purple or black), a 30" length of 1/4" supply tubing, and a 1/4" transfer barb. They come completely assembled and ready to connect to your mainline tubing. Use the Blue Support Stake (sold separately) to elevate and support SuperNet sprinklers.


  • Pressure Range: 25 - 50 PSI
  • Clog resistant and self flushing
  • Ideal for orchards and new tree plantings
  • Excellent for long rows and uneven terrain

PC sprinklers can water more trees on the same zone with equal water distribution regardless of row length or elevation changes. When the tree is young, replace the stock spinner (purple or black) with the blue spinner with the deflector (sold separately) to water the root ball. As the tree grows, break off the deflector to expand the watering area. For mature trees, remove the blue spinner and replace with the stock spinner.

Part Flow Spinner Wetted Radius
Purple base
5.3 GPH Purple (stock) 8 feet
Blue, w/deflector 2 feet
Blue, no deflector 4 feet
Blue base
10.9 GPH Purple (stock) 8.5 feet
Blue, w/deflector 3 feet
Blue, no deflector 5.5 feet
Black base
18.9 GPH Black (stock) 10 feet
Blue, w/deflector 3 feet
Blue, no deflector 8 feet

Customer Reviews

SuperNet PC Sprinklers
We have been using these sprinklers for several years now and we are impressed with the performance. We primarily use these to irrigate our established trees over uneven terrain. They are mostly maintenance free even though we have a high mineral/calcium level from our water.
my favorite sprinkler
I use the supernet sprinklers in my orchard. I mostly buy the blue flow and always use the (purchased separately) blue spinners. Each tree gets a sprinkler on each side (which may be shared with the next tree in the row). When the trees are small I used the deflector on the sprinklers and then remove them when the trees grow.
The reason I really like these sprinklers is that they resist clogging and are pressure compensating (orchard is on a slope). I have hard well water and the main issue I have is the spinner getting encrusted and then not closing perfectly allowing some small spider or insect to get in and clog things up. But that's pretty rare, mostly happens in winter when the sprinklers often sit unused for a longer time.
These are very nice pressure compensating sprinklers. They cost a bit more than the really fine mini sprinklers, but those just blow water away when it's windy. These are solid and seem to be ready to last a long time. I've had them for 4 years so far.
Superset sprinkler
These are very good sprinklers that survive well water

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