SuperNet Accessories

SuperNet Accessories

  • Blue Spinner with Deflector $0.34 MSNSBLD
  • Blue Support Stake $0.99 MSNSTK
  • Diaphragm $0.79 MSNDIA
These accessories are for use with all SuperNet PC Sprinklers.

Blue Spinner with Deflector (MSNSBLD): Remove the stock spinner from your SuperNet PC sprinkler and replace it with this blue spinner to adjust the radius of the spray pattern.

Blue Support Stake (MSNSTK): Use this stake to elevate and support SuperNet PC sprinklers.

Replacement Diaphragm (MSNDIA): Replacement rubber diaphragm for SuperNet PC Sprinklers.

Customer Reviews

Orchard irrigation perfect down reflectors
These blue downward water deflectors are perfect for our new orchard. Our trees are about 8 years old and these downward reflectors are perfect for the smaller area that needs water.
Drip Works
What ever I order, your shipping time & cost is fantastic. For over 3 years you have been an outstanding Supplier!

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