Pinch Drip Emitters

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  • Serilda - Apr 8th 2021

    Best Drips!

    These are the best drippers we’ve ever found. They work, they last, AND they’re easy to get into the hose! Thanks for a great product!

  • Jim - Jun 25th 2020

    Pinch drip emitters

    Very easy to install. Only negative is remember to install on side or downward on main line so you won't whack it off with weeders.

  • Richard - Jul 26th 2019


    I ordered another package of 100 two gallon per hour pressure compensated emitters. They work great. I put the water exactly where it's needed. I recommend these emitters to anyone serious about controlled watering.

  • Steven - Jul 12th 2019

    Easy install

    These are easy to install and are better than standard drip emitters.

  • Richard Vardaman - Jun 26th 2018

    Pinch Drip Emitters

    These pressure compensated emitters put out much water on that last emitter as it does for the first one. It put the water exactly where it needs to go. I highly recommend these emitters to anyone needing to water or feed plants.

  • Janean - Jun 12th 2018

    2 gallon drippers

    Work great easy to install

  • John - Jun 10th 2018

    easy install

    Fast and easy install, no leaks and gives a nice constant drip, I put two in for each blueberry bush, may add one more depending on how things look.

  • Barbara - May 4th 2018

    Pinch drip emitters

    I think they do the trick for us. We really needed another 100 - 200, but the price and shipping would have been prohibitive. The emitters are doing what we had hoped they would.

  • Mike - Feb 20th 2018

    Good product

    Good product

  • Chuck - Jul 12th 2017

    easy, low profile

    I chose these to give a lower profile so as to limit the mower damage in an orchard. Easy installation. It's all good!


The Pinch Drip emitter lays flat on the mainline tubing so that it's not easily damaged. They are designed for easy "finger or thumb installation". The emitters have a 1/4" barbed inlet and a 1/4" nipple outlet. They can be used in containers, on patios and in landscapes. Features of the Pinch Drip Emitters include:
  • Self flushing turbulent flow emitter
  • Inlet barb has built in filter
  • Pressure range is 15 to 45 PSI
  • Long life UV Stabilized

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