Multi-Outlet Dripper Assembly (DMWST) for Woodpeckers

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These Multi-Outlet Dripper Assemblies are popular in nurseries for commercial container growing. This 4-Way Stackable Assembly is used with the 4-Way Flat Assembly to divide the flow of one Woodpecker or Woodpecker Jr. Emitter (Emitters not included) into eight containers.

To divide the flow of one Woodpecker Emitter into eight containers:
Push the 4-Way Stackable Assembly onto the outlet barb of the emitter. Then push the 4-Way Flat Assembly (DMWASS) onto the outlet barb of the Stackable Assembly. These two assemblies used together will allow one emitter to water eight containers. The Stackable Assembly can be removed, leaving the Flat Assembly to water four containers. If the emitter is not in use, the Multi-Outlet Dripper Assemblies can be removed, and the emitter outlet sealed off with a cap (DNPCAP).

Note: Using the Stackable and Flat Assemblies together will divide the flow of one emitter into eight different containers. For example: A 1 GPH Woodpecker Emitter will supply each container with 1/8 GPH of water. Using emitters with a higher flow rate is often recommended to make sure each container gets enough water.

Each Assembly (DMWASS and DMWST) Includes:

  • Two 18" tubes with Arrow Drippers attached
  • Two 30" tubes with Arrow Drippers attached

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